Price Analysis: Verge (XVG), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Eos (EOS) and Binance Coin (BNB)

Market is still tedious, stuck at $200-220 billion overall cap with couple of coins surging due to the new exchange listings or speculation on the same.

Top coins are dominating the headlines so we will look a bit at the second tier coins and what are they up to: EOS, ETC, XVG and BNB.

Verge – XVG

Start thinking, that $XVG is dead, though many people believe in this project, but here are the facts:
1) JustinVendetta dissapeared right after 2 pumps and since then he didnt say a word on public
2) No real catalysts coming with no dates. They have stopped publishing dates of roadmap, as i think because they do really nothing.
Merchandise store is 90% done for almost a year, code update is 90% half a year, mining, etc…nothing is done so far.
3) Community is ruled by toxic moderators. Gor banned for just asking questions and arguing in Telegram and Discord
I think $BTC will drop too, that will lead to a mass alts selloff, with everything said above, i think Verge gonna drop really hard, and the only what can save it later is another P&D scheme, that Verge was doing before.
That kind of things can ruin the brand and can destroy the project.



Eos – EOS

EOS made a violent bearish 1D candle last week to touch 5.000 but was not enough to break the Triangle pattern on 1D, which is still neutral on RSI = 49.583, ADX = 19.173, Williams = -48.590, CCI = -11.4980, Highs/Lows = 0.0000. This prolonged consolidation is gradually turning the bearish 1W trend ( RSI = 44.209, MACD = -0.879, B/BP = -1.6696) to neutral (Highs/Lows = 0.0000, STOCHRSI = 52.210) as the Triangle is metrically considered a long term support. A Lower Low is needed now below 5.000 to break the pattern and start forming a new Channel Down. Our long term TP on EOSUSD  set is intact = 3.8925 and 1.6921 in extension.


Ethereum Classic – ETC

TP = 9.505 hit as ETC made a new Lower Low near 9.000 right before it jumped on a fundamental spike just above 11.000, trying the full width of the new 1D Channel Down ( MACD = -0.469, Highs/Lows = -0.2671, B/BP = -0.4798). We are still within the 1W Fallling Wedge territory but much closer to its supporting trendline so a test of the 8.500 – 7.700 support array is required to determine the bands. Our new targets for ETCUSD are 8.500, 8.000 and 7.700.



Binance Coin – BNB

Despite the weekly (non-technical) volatility (ATR = 0.4643), the Binance Coin has created the anticipated Channel Down on 1D but remains largely neutral ( RSI = 50.191, MACD = -0.050, Highs/Lows = 0.0000) due to Monday’s spike. The 8.8857 and 8.2522 support levels need to break on this Channel Down. Our TP on BNBUSD remains 7.5154.
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Sarah Wurfel
Sarah Wurfel

Sarah Wurfel works as a social media editor for CaptainAltcoin and specializes in the production of videos and video reports. She studied media and communication informatics. Sarah has been a big fan of the revolutionary potential of crypto currencies for years and accordingly also concentrated on the areas of IT security and cryptography in her studies.

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