Price Analysis: Traders Bullish on Ripple and Stellar as XRP and XLM Prices See Steady Rise; Could These Coins Also Pump?

Traders are increasingly bullish on Ripple ($XRP) and Stellar ($XLM), as both tokens saw 70% price surges this week.

The bullish breakouts for both tokens are primarily driven by the judiciary ruling that $XRP would not be deemed a security in the two-year-long battle between Ripple and the SEC – the United States regulator.

With $XRP’s status now confirmed, the regulatory uncertainty surrounding the industry is clearing, which is allowing tokens like $XLM to also surge.

Meanwhile, a new set of tokens are turning heads as traders quickly position themselves at low prices as they believe they are next in line to pump alongside $XRP.

Traders Bullish on XRP After Small Victory in SEC Case – Where Are Prices Heading?

Traders have become incredibly bullish on XRP following the announcement from Judge Analisa Torres that the coin is not considered a security and the SEC should stop its scrutiny regarding the matter.

$XRP surged by over 70% in the week following the announcement, allowing it to reach as high as $0.95, a price not seen since April 2022.

The coin is on a bullish surge, with prices expected to surpass $1 in the coming days;

Looking ahead, the current resistance lies at $0.86, provided by a bearish .886 Fib Retracement.

If the buyers break this level, higher resistance lies at $0.90, $0.93, and $1.00 (December 2021 highs).

Beyond the December 2021 highs, resistance is located at $1.06 (1.272 Fib Extension), $1.13 (1.414 Fib Extension), and $1.22 (1.618 Fib Extension).

If the bulls continue above $1.30, the last resistance to mention lies at $1.35 – provided by the November 2021 highs.

On the other side, support lies at $0.75 (.382 Fib), $0.7 (.5 Fib), $0.64 (.618 Fib), and $0.6.

XLM Also Sees Steady Price Rises Alongside XRP – Can it Reach the December 2021 Highs?

Another token that’s seeing an incredible rise alongside $XRP is Stellar ($XLM), which exploded by 70% over the past week.

Stellar is a fork of Ripple, and both tokens have traded hand-in-hand over the past few years, which is why it’s seeing extraordinary surges following the judge’s ruling in the Ripple vs. SEC case.

The cryptocurrency surged from beneath $0.1 to reach as high as $0.198 last week.

It briefly dropped to $0.123 over the weekend but has since rebounded to the current $0.175 level;

Looking ahead, resistance first lies at $0.198 – provided by a long-term bearish .382 Fib Retracement.

This is followed by resistance at $0.22, $232 (1.272 Fib Extension), $0.241 (April 2022 highs), and $0.245 (1.414 Fib Extension).

Beyond $0.26, resistance is expected at $0.278 (1.618 Fib Extension) and $0.3 (December 2021 highs).

On the other side, support lies at $0.16, $0.134 (.382 Fib), $0.123 (.5 Fib), and $0.11 (.618 Fib).

Which Other Coins Can Also Pump Next?

$XRP and $XLM aren’t the only tokens experiencing considerable price growth following the victory against the SEC.

A handful of alternative cryptos also see extreme traction as investors quickly hurry to get positioned at low prices before the tokens see price pumps.

In particular, Evil Pepe ($EVILPEPE), Wall Street Memes ($WSM), and BTC20 ($BTC20) are seeing enormous growth as investors believe strong price pumps are incoming.

Evil Pepe Coin Raises Over $130,000 In 24 Hours From Opening Its Doors.

Evil Pepe ($EVILPEPE) is the next Pepe clone lined up to see enormous returns following its presale, with experts believing 20x gains are on the table as soon as it hits exchanges.

The presale for $EVILPEPE has already raised over $130,000 in under 24 hours of opening its gates, showing the incredible hype and FOMO already building for the meme coin.

Evil Pepe allows degen traders to embrace their dark side and buy the evil version of Pepe.

The project attempts to mirror the price performance of other Pepe derivatives that have stormed onto the market, such as Pepe 2.0, Proof of Pepe, and Pepecoin.

Evil Pepe represents the naughty side of the meme coin game. He’s the voice inside your head that tells you to invest in the next rug-pull project, even when you know you shouldn’t.

He’s starting his project through a limited presale with a $2 million hard cap, meaning that everybody won’t have the opportunity to invest if they don’t act quickly enough.

Although he’s evil, the dark version of Pepe still believes in a community-driven project with a fair launch.

Therefore, 90% of $EVILPEPE will be sold in the presale, with the remaining 10% reserved to be locked in the liquidity pool by Team Finance to ensure a smooth trading environment and prevent concerns of a rug-pull.  

With an expert marketing team behind him, Evil Pepe wants to create a rebellion in the meme coin sector by combining the chaotic energy of meme culture with the allure of financial speculation.

It’s already started. Evil Pepe is already whispering in your ear, telling you not to wait for the DEX launch and buy $EVILPEPE in the presale at the lowest prices.

$EVILPEPE is being sold at a single price of $0.000033 during one presale stage.

With the presale expected to sell out by the end of the weekend, investors must get positioned quickly if they want to buy the token at the lowest possible price.

Wall Street Memes Crosses Major $16 Million Milestone as Investors Expect Huge Returns in Next Meme Coin Sensation

Wall Street Memes is another token turning heads after crossing the $16 million fundraising milestone today, demonstrating investors’ immense hype for this token.

The presale only started 55 days ago, making $WSM the fastest-growing presale project in 2023.

Investors are rushing to get positioned in $WSM as they believe 100x returns are on the table due to its enormous community, hilarious memes, and attention earned from Elon Musk.

Wall Street Memes represent the internet’s triumph over capitalism, stemming from the GameStop victory in 2021, where armchair investors sent Melvin Capital into bankruptcy.

Now, $WSM is tokenizing that movement allowing investors to continue to speculate with an added dose of humor.

The project is making a mockery of Wall Street through hilarious memes on social media, generating over 40 million impressions.

The truthful and hilarious nature of the memes has attracted high-profile figures like Elon Musk to the project, who has been commenting on the memes several times;

The interest received from Musk caused a flurry of investment as they believe further Tweets from the Twitter CEO will cause $WSM to explode.

Furthermore, the attention from Elon is also helping the cult-like community behind the project to grow beyond 1.1 million followers.

The colossal community puts $WSM in a position to be guaranteed a major tier-1 listing after its presale, as exchanges like OKX and Binance would seek to capitalize on the huge expected trading volumes.

Overall, the mixture of internet culture, meme-based humor, and decentralized finance has created the perfect balance between hype and FOMO, setting the foundation for $WSM to be the next meme coin sensation on the market.

With just a third of the presale supply remaining, prospective investors must hurry to get positioned at presale prices.

BTC20 Creates a Groundbreaking Stake-to-Earn Economy Using the Bitcoin Block Rewards Schedule

BTC20 is another token that traders think will pump next as they rush to invest in the upgraded Bitcoin at the April 2011 price of $1.

The project is an ERC-20 version of Bitcoin built on Ethereum with a verified staking contract that releases $BTC20 tokens in line with the original Bitcoin block rewards schedule.

Users that stake $BTC20 earn a percentage of the rewards through the groundbreaking Stake-to-Earn economy.

Investors are hurrying to get involved in this presale because they believe the tokenomics behind the project will cause a supply shock on the market, causing the price to explode.

You see, although there’s a 21 million $BTC20 supply, the project pays homage to Bitcoin in 2011 by selling 6.05 million $BTC20 in the presale for $1 – which was the circulating supply and price for Bitcoin back then.

Once the presale is over, a minimum of 14.95 million $BTC20 will be locked in the staking contract, alongside any unsold $BTC20 from the presale, to provide rewards for the next 120 years.

With presale buyers also expected to stake $BTC20, there won’t be many available for newcomers to buy on the open market, causing a supply shock and a sudden surge in prices.

Overall, $BTC20 gives the opportunity to rewind the clock and let everybody purchase an upgraded version of Bitcoin at the lowest price.

With the presale quickly gaining momentum, the $1 Bitcoins won’t be around for too long, so you need to be quick to get invested.

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