Prepare for Liftoff: Why is This Meme Coin Positioned to Moon After Raising Over $25 Million in Presale

New cryptocurrency Wall Street Memes Coin (WSM) has generated an amazing buzz in the crypto community. WSM’s recent presale event was highly successful to say the least, raising over $25 million in funding. 

This impressive presale performance highlights the strong interest and excitement surrounding WSM as it prepares to launch on exchanges. With robust funding and an engaged community, WSM is poised to be an important player in the crowded crypto market, as we approach the next bull run. 

The coin is set to launch on multiple tier 1 exchanges in a few days, and the excitement within the community is palpable. 

With Elon Musk commenting on their Tweet and with rumors that he actually invested, WSM has garnered significant attention and credibility.

Enhanced Tokenomics: A Strategy for Sustainability

The tokenomics of $WSM are meticulously designed to sustain the growth of the Wall Street Memes community and reward its loyal members. The allocation of the token is as follows:

  • 50% for Marketing: To spread the word about Wall Street Memes and go viral.
  • 30% for Community Rewards: To incentivize community engagement and loyalty.
  • 10% for CEX Liquidity: To level up the trading game with listings on established CEXs.
  • 10% for DEX Liquidity: To ensure ample liquidity and accessibility on popular DEXs.

$WSM makes it clear that it only draws inspiration from the Reddit Wall Street Bets community and has no team tokens. 

A decent part of its supply is dedicated to locked liquidity (20%) and community rewards (30%), ensuring transparency and avoiding the pitfalls faced by similar projects like Wall Street Baby (WSB).

Roadmap: Laying the Foundation for Success

The roadmap of Wall Street Memes is divided into three phases:

  1. Foundation: Focused on smart contract development, community building, branding, marketing, and merchandise.
  2. Launch: Involves the official token launch, partnerships, token listings, exchange listings, and awareness campaigns.
  3. Community Empowerment: Aims at unlocking exclusive benefits in the WSM gated community, achieving a $1 billion market capitalization, and getting listed on top-tier CEXs.

This roadmap is a testament to Wall Street Memes’ commitment to empowering the community and showing the world that it is here to stay.

Community: The Driving Force

The strength and size of the already existing community are one of the key characteristics that work in the Wall Street Memes coin project’s favor. 

With over one million traders and crypto enthusiasts across all social media platforms and over 270,000 followers on the official X (Twitter) handle @wallstmemes, the community is the backbone of the $WSM movement.

Elon Musk’s Interaction: A Boost to Credibility

Elon Musk’s interaction with the project’s main account has brought additional attention and credibility to the coin. This interaction underscores the coin’s appeal and its potential to resonate with a broader audience, enhancing its legitimacy in the crypto market. At the end of the day, Elon Musk is not interacting with every coin, is he?

There have even been unconfirmed rumors that Musk was behind a recent Wall Street Memes spending spree which saw one crypto whale buy 460 ETH of WSM tokens over five transactions in just six minutes in August. 

The same account had spent a further 93 ETH on Wall Street Memes tokens just two weeks earlier, taking the total spend to over $1 million.

Marketing Reach and Long-Term Utility

Wall Street Memes has invested in sponsored promotional coverage on top crypto media outlets, such as Cointelegraph and BeInCrypto, and has been endorsed by large crypto YouTubers such as Satoshi Stacker and Joe Parys. The project offers staking as an incentive to hold, with over 50% APY, and is running a $50,000 airdrop set to be shared by five holders of $WSM.

So, it’s clear that the coin is heavily investing in marketing, enhancing its credibility and the likelihood of being legit. The huge social media following has allowed the project to spread quickly through the crypto space and raise tens of millions of dollars, with the home stretch now in sight.

Over the past week, the project has witnessed several acquisitions exceeding 10 ETH (approximately $16k) as substantial investors, or “crypto whales,” are keen to participate in the project ahead of anticipated market fluctuations following exchange listings. Wall Street Memes has also had positive reviews from numerous crypto influencers. 

The likes of Joe Parys (380,000 subscribers) and Michael Wrubel (310k) have offered positive reviews of WSM and have been among the many analysts to describe the token as having 10x-plus potential after it launches.

How to Buy $WSM?

Buying $WSM is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can buy Wall Street Memes Token in presale:

  • Send ETH or BNB to your wallet and swap for $WSM using the presale widget on the official website.
  • Use USDT (ERC-20 or BEP-20) to buy $WSM tokens by selecting the USDT option and swapping your desired amount.
  • Use Bank Card: If you prefer using plastic, you can order $WSM tokens using your bank card. Ensure you have your crypto wallet address on hand.


Wall Street Memes Coin ($WSM) has emerged as a notable contender in the crypto industry, raising questions about its legitimacy and investment worthiness. The coin has garnered substantial attention, being the top presale project on, a reputable platform for discovering credible crypto investments. 

The extensive marketing efforts, visibility on prominent crypto media sites like Cointelegraph and BeInCrypto, and endorsements from renowned crypto influencers like Joe Parys and Michael Wrubel, all contribute to its legitimacy. 

Moreover, the coin’s robust tokenomics, community-driven approach, and transparent operations further enhance its credibility. The interactions and rumored involvement of Elon Musk have fueled its popularity, potentially signaling a promising investment. 

However, while the coin exhibits significant upside potential, prospective investors should conduct thorough research and consider their risk tolerance, as the crypto market is known for its volatility. In essence, Wall Street Memes appears to be a legitimate project with substantial investment potential, but caution and due diligence are paramount in the unpredictable crypto market.

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