PolitiFi Donations Catch Vitalik Buterin’s Attention After $ZELENSKYY Shoutout, While $MAGA Continues Building

The newly emerging PolitFi crypto category is making its mark on the industry, stealing the limelight from cat and dog-based meme coins.

The sector caught the attention of Vitalik Buterin today after the Ethereum co-founder mentioned the donation aspect of $ZELENSKYY, which has contributed an astonishing 26 ETH to the official Ukraine donation wallet. 

In the past few weeks, prominent leaders in the space have surged, with projects like $MAGA reaching an exceptional market cap peak above $500 million. 

Over that time, a handful of projects like $BODEN, $BIDEN, and $BABYTRUMP have exploded. However, only a handful of projects are using the sector to positively impact the world. 

In particular, Trump ($MAGA) and Volodymyr Zelenskyy ($ZELENSKYY) are two projects that are making an impact, with respectable donations to notable causes under their belts.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy ($ZELENSKYY) Donates 26 ETH to Ukraine Following Vitalik Buterin’s Blog Shoutout.

After an impressive market entrance, another newly emerging PolitiFi meme coin is gaining traction in the sector.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy ($ZELENSKYY) launched fairly through Uniswap on March 4th and immediately soared by over 5,000% to reach a market cap peak of $600,000.

$ZELENSKYY introduces a new theme to the PolitiFi sector, bringing a real-world utility that makes a difference. 

The project saw a sudden surge today after receiving an honorable mention on Vitalik Buterin’s personal blog. The Ethereum co-founder gave a special mention to $ZELENSKYY, causing a wave of buying and increasing the donations sent to Ukraine. 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy aims to provide support to the Ukrainian struggle as they continue their two-year war with Russia.

Well-known developers launched the project with an army of whales at their disposal – meaning token pumps are on the way as the marketing strategy is developed. They also have a strong community dedicated to using crypto to make a positive impact and help support Ukrainians in their time of need.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is designed to be Putin’s nemesis, fighting for sovereignty by auto-donating taxes straight to Ukraine. 

4% of all of the transactions are automatically donated to the official Ukraine donation wallet, which is being used to support Ukrainian citizens. 

With the massive volume in its first few days of being active, $ZELENSKYY has now managed to donate an impressive 26 ETH to the Ukrainian wallet, worth over $90,000. 

As a result, $ZELENSKYY has already donated more crypto to the Ukrainian cause than every other political meme coin combined. 

The project is entirely community-driven. The ownership of the token contract has been renounced, and the project’s liquidity keys have been burned. 

In addition, the team donated 0.5% of the $ZELENSKYY supply to Vitalik Buterin, a Russian who’s very sympathetic to the Ukrainian plight. 

The community has calculated that $ZELENSKYY could donate $1 million to the Ukrainian wallet if it achieves a similar 24-hour volume to the top PolitiFi tokens in the space;

With the snipers leaving the project, the market cap retracement provides the perfect opportunity to position yourself in this charity-focused PolitiFi meme coin at the lowest possible price.

Best of all, the donations go directly to the Ukrainian crypto wallet, meaning there’s no chance of politicians skimming off the top.

$ZELENSKYY is a meme coin that can be purchased on Uniswap using $ETH. Join its Telegram community and follow it on Twitter to find out more. 

Contract Address;


Visit $ZELENSKYY Today.

Trump ($MAGA) Donates Over 372 ETH to Veterans and Child Trafficking Prevention. 

Trump ($MAGA) is by far the PolitiFi leader, with an incredible $200 million market cap value, 15,000 holders, and $7.5 million in liquidity. 

The MAGA-inspired meme coin launched in August 2023 and took several months to gain traction. That traction came in February 2024, allowing the PolitiFi giant to soar to a market cap above $500 million in March. 

The cryptocurrency aims to capitalize on Donald Trump’s incoming Presidential run while raising awareness for US veterans and funds to prevent child trafficking. 

1% of all the transactions, buys or sells for $MAGA are used for donations, marketing, development, and liquidity. 

The project works with notable charities, such as Veterans for Child Rescue and National Veterans Homeless Support. 

With the project reaching a staggering $500 million market cap, it has donated over 200 ETH to US Veterans and raised an impressive 172 ETH for the prevention of child trafficking, for a total of over 372 ETH donated. 

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