$PEPE, $WIF, $CORGI AI in Free Fall as Only One Memecoin Defies Market Slump

One of the things investors look at when investing in a crypto token is its capability to withstand market pressure. Although $PEPE, $WIF, and $CORGIAI are well-known coins in the industry, a general market pullback has kept them from shining as usual. On the contrary, $GFOX, a presale coin, is still on a successful run, which has led to an increase in its price at every presale stage.

Sell Pressure Causes $PEPE Coin to Plummet

While $PEPE had a promising start by rising by almost 2700% within just two weeks after its launch, it has not maintained it lately. The meme coin recorded its latest high price, $0.000001737, on December 9, last year. However, it dipped by 45.9% afterward. According to analysts, this dip was caused by massive selling of the tokens by some of its largest holders, usually called whales in the crypto world.

Spot On Chain, an on-chain analytics web and mobile platform, unveiled these whales’ latest move. According to the unveiling, these whales, who initially bought $PEPE tokens at $0.00000054 earlier last year, recently sold it at $0.0000010, when they exchanged 1.73 trillion $PEPE for 742.6 $ETH. 

Due to this, there was a freefall of the price of the $PEPE token. Many investors are now cautious of investing in $PEPE and are already going for alternatives less influenced by general market pullback. Although there are predictions that $PEPE will recover from these dips, the time frame is not exactly specified.

Binance Launches Futures for Dogwifhat, $WIF Falls Despite Initial Rise

In a recent update, Binance Futures, the future arm of Binance exchange, announced the launch of its futures for Dogwifhat to expand the trading options and better users’ trading experience. According to the news, Binance commenced the futures trading for the $WIF/USDT pair on January 18, 2024.

Initially, the launch sparked a 17%  rise in the price of $WIF, causing it to increase from $0.35 to $0.41 within 24 hours. However, $WIF began to fall afterward due to a downward pressure from the market. Within two weeks, $WIF fell by 39%, when its price dipped from $0.41 to the most recent price of $0.25. 

Although investors are optimistic about the launch of futures for $WIF, buying $WIF is still not considered a favorable option due to this recent price decline. However, experts believe it will recover and embark on an uptrend soon.

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Falling $CORGIAI Eyes Recovery with Listing on Gate.io 

After $CORGIAI traded at $0.003532, the highest price ever on December 24, 2023, it declined by 48% afterward; since then, the memecoin has been making moves with updates to see that it recovers from its loss. 

Notably, On January 26, 2024, Gate.io, a top global crypto exchange platform, announced that it had listed $CORGI AI among tokens accepted for transactions. This groundbreaking development presents $CORGI AI to a broader audience and a significant opportunity to gain more usage.

While the price of $CORGI AI is still on a downtrend, experts believe the token can soon see some significant uptrends due to this recent listing on Gate.io.

Galaxy Fox Shines Amidst Market Volatility

When the market experiences a downturn many top cryptocurrencies fall along with it, potentially leading to unsuccessful investments. However, the investors in the Galaxy Fox presale token $GFOX remain unbothered as the token keeps increasing in price from stage to stage.

$GFOX has a proven track record of excellence as it has raised over $3 million in its presale and its price also keeps increasing as mentioned earlier. As it is about to enter into stage 8, its price is expected to increase further by about 10% representing an additional gain for investors who have invested early in the project.

One of the factors that pushes Galaxy Fox towards success is how it centers on supporting its community by introducing various ways of earning to its ecosystem such as a play-to-earn (P2E) game and staking. The platform also implements a method token burn for ensuring that the supply of $GFOX tokens is limited and its value is always on the rise.

Galaxy Fox is also expected to feature NFTs, another important aspect of the blockchain industry. Its ecosystem will feature about 3000 NFTs and anyone interested in them can mint them directly from the platform’s website. These NFTs can be used in the Galaxy Fox’s P2E game to boost in-game abilities. They can also be traded within the native NFT marketplace of Galaxy Fox or popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.


While $PEPE, $WIF and $CORGIAI are experiencing a period of deep volatiity, $GOFX is blazing ahead. Though this token is yet to be launched, many analysts have suggested it could be a top choice for withstanding market swings.

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