Pepe Steps into High-Risk Zone After 720% Pump: Which Meme Coins Will Lead the Rally Next?

Pepe is the face of the ongoing pre-halving rally. 

Bitcoin has registered an 18% surge over the last seven days, yes. And it is about to cross its all-time high if the momentum is successfully sustained. But BTC’s volatility is incomparable to Pepe, which has recorded a 260% surge on the weekly chart and a staggering 720% jump on the monthly chart.

Can Pepe Continue the Uphill Journey?

It seems unlikely. 

One thing that the crypto market likes to remind us time and again is that it doesn’t entertain speculative waves for long. A meteoric pump should be followed by a dump. That’s the unwritten rule.

Pepe has done what it can over the last few days, ballooning up its market cap past $3.11B. But the rally is beginning to slow down, as the price trajectory on Tuesday depicts.

Pepe 1-day price action, CoinMarketCap

The frog-themed meme coin is teetering on the edge of a sharp decline that could bring heavy losses to new investors. Pepe won’t be alone in this plight. High-cap meme coins like BONK, WIF, and SHIB are also looking at a highly volatile week.

The meme coin frenzy is expected to go on, however, embracing new alternatives with vibrant narratives. With their market caps still low, new meme coins have the room to give lucrative gains ranging from 25X to 100X. High-cap cryptos will find it difficult to match.

The mounting excitement surrounding SMOG, Scotty the AI, and Frog Wif Hat hints at the shifting currents in the meme coin market. They are stepping into the spotlight as high-cap meme coins await a steep fall. 

118% Jump in 7 Days: SMOG is Turbocharged to Lead the Rally This Week

SMOG is a relatively new meme coin with a modest market cap of $88 million at the time of this writing. But the dragon-themed Solana token has built a vast community of followers in a short space of time.

SMOG 1-week price action, CoinMarketCap

The reason? A series of thrilling airdrops the platform hosts frequently. Here is the latest airdrop announcement. 

SMOG’s price action hints at a steep upward trajectory over the week, as speculative investors and day traders abandon high-cap meme coins like PEPE, BONK, and WIF for more fertile alternatives. 

3 Factors That Are Driving the SMOG Frenzy

To begin with, SMOG taps into the latest trend in the crypto world—Solana meme coins. The association adds to the meme coin’s appeal and positions it as a focal point of interest in the ongoing meme rally.

That makes one wonder: Is that all it takes to ignite a meme coin pump? No! So there must be more going on. This is where the ongoing series of SMOG airdrops enters the picture. Crypto airdrops are more popular than ever, and SMOG has seized the trend unabashedly. 

Over 1 Million Quests Completed

A significant portion of the SMOG token supply is set aside for the airdrops. Another major share of the supply goes toward marketing efforts, as shown below. 

This well-planned framework ensures that SMOG maintains long-term visibility and relevance. Even as the pre-halving hype diminishes, SMOG will continue to work on staying in the spotlight. 

The most compelling aspect driving the frenzy around SMOG is its theme, however. The fresh narrative centred around dragons is captivating.

While SMOG has climbed 118% over the last seven days, it has more steam left for a meteoric pump, with its market cap still low at $88 million. The SMOG website offers a 10% discount for over-the-counter purchases, coupled with attractive staking rewards.


AI Crypto $SCOTTY Prepares for a FOMO-Fuelled Launch

AI crypto ‘Scotty the AI’ is one of the most talked-about tokens of this season. Cleverly packaged within a meme coin theme, the project is characterized by a new narrative:

The $SCOTTY presale is moving ahead at a rapid rate to an early sell-out at the time of writing. The presale offers the final chance to bag the AI meme coin for fixed discounted prices before its initial exchange launch. 


Is Frog Wif Hat Ready for Another Surge?

Another meme coin to watch this week is Frog Wif Hat. The frog-themed low-cap crypto draws inspiration from both Pepe and Dog Wif Hat – the two hottest sensations of this bull season. 

Still, $FWIF puts forth a unique theme centred around French culture:

“’Opping onto a scene where it’s normal to put ‘ats on animals, Frog Wif Hat wears le béret, a staple of French culture. Always carrying a baguette, often grumpy or drunk, frequently chain-smoking whilst displaying a deep disdain for Americans, ‘e’s crypto’s moodiest toad,” remarks the website in its introduction. 

The recent decline in price gives new investors a chance to get low entry points into Frog Wif Hat before the next pump.


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