Pepe Sees Reversal and 3 Other Pepe Clones Pump – Are These 2 Coins Set to Follow?

The Pepe meme coin theme continues its explosive momentum as $PEPE bounces from solid support and reverses today after climbing by 17%.

The $PEPE revival is also helping its copycat clones see mega pumps as $EPEP, $PEPECOIN, and $PEPEGAINS experience increasing prices today.

However, the Pepe copycat clones aren’t the only meme coins gaining traction – Thug Life ($THUG) and Wall Street Memes ($WSM) are also turning heads in the market as the popularity of their presales surge.

$PEPE Investors See New Hope as Token Starts Reversal

After a dull twenty days of sideways action, $PEPE investors are seeing some new hope as the token starts an attempted reversal today.

The Pepe saga has been truly extraordinary in the meme coin sector after it provided over 30,000% returns for early investors during early-May 2023.

Unfortunately, the gains haven’t been so pretty since then as $PEPE would experience a period of downward price action until finding support around $0.0000008 (.786 Fib) during mid-June.

The token bounced from that support toward the end of June but has since been stuck in a range between $0.00000145 and $0.0000017 over the past twenty days;

However, today’s price surge has injected positivity into the market as $PEPE climbed back above $0.0000017 to the current $0.00000174 level.

Traders are growing excited as the meme coin sensation starts to move higher, as a break above $0.000002 would signal a bullish continuation trend for investors.

New Pepe Clones $EPEP, $PEPECOIN, and $PEPEGAINS Pump

The $PEPE surge has also helped the overwhelming crowded space of Pepe clones that have appeared on the market.

Although $PEPE2.0 has been down over the past few weeks, a handful of other Pepe clones are gaining significant momentum as they see mega pumps.

In particular, $EPEP, $PEPECOIN, and $PEPEGAINS have seen notable price surges;

Although slightly down today, $EPEP, known as Flipped Pepe, underwent an impressive rise over the past 48 hours as its price went from $0.0000000004 to $0.0000000022, providing a 400% increase.

Even at its current price of $0.0000000012, $EPEP is still up by 200%.

Another Pepe clone undergoing incredible momentum is $PEPEGAINS, which has surged to the top-trending tokens on DexTools after surging by 290%.

Again, the token is down slightly but is still incredibly bullish.

Lastly, $PEPECOIN, a Pepe clone launched at the same time as the original Pepe, experienced new life today after surging over 100% this week.

Overall, traders need to be warned that the pepe clone sector is a dangerous place to trade in, with many clones consistently failing.

Of the coins mentioned above, the locked liquidity for $EPEP and $PEPECOIN can assure investors that they are not rug-pulls and won’t collapse anytime soon.

However, the lower market cap of $EPEP should give investors higher returns if it can continue its bullish momentum.

What Other Tokens Can Pump Alongside The Pepe Clones?

As the “$PEPE and clones” sensation continues its ascent, investors are reminded that other newcomer opportunities in the meme coin sector are also turning heads.

Among the promising new newcomers in the meme coin sector are Thug Life and Wall Street Memes, both of which provide unique proposals that can offer similar returns to the original $PEPE.

Thug Life Raises $1.4 Million As Fair Presale Attracts Hungry Degens.

Thug Life is quickly gaining popularity due to its unique presale proposal. It allows everybody to get invested on the same level – creating the fairest presale launch in the meme coin sector.

Thug Life is designed to provide a second chance for those who have been played by their favorite influencers when trying to turn profits in the degen sector.

Its unique theme is based on the timeless Thug Life movement, made popular by hip-hop stars in the 1980s.

Thug Life is taking this movement and injecting humor, brotherhood, and the shared struggle of hustling in the Web3 world.

Due to its unique presale proposal, the emerging meme coin is tipped to explode following its presale.

As the team intends to create a united community to rally behind the token, it’s decided to use one presale price.

Instead of multiple prices over several stages, $THUG will be sold at just $0.0007 to everybody participating.

In addition, it has a $2 million hard cap limit, meaning that it will start with a low market cap of $2.97 million – providing exceptional growth room for all presale investors.

Furthermore, rumors are spreading that the same team that pushed $SPONGE, which provided 100x returns in its presale, is pushing $THUG.

Having such an experienced marketing team behind the project and its low market cap creates the recipe for success in this meme coin opportunity.

Lastly, the team has stated that there will be $200,000 ETH guaranteed for the liquidity pool, which Team Finance will lock to prevent any possible rug-pull.

Overall, $THUG presents a unique opportunity to get invested at the ground level in a viral meme coin project.

However, with just three days to go, investors must be quick if they would like to get positioned in this limited presale opportunity.

Buy THUG Today

Wall Street Memes Sails Past $14.5 Million as Fastest-Growing Presale Continues Momentum

Another meme coin turning heads touted to follow the footsteps of $PEPE is Wall Street Memes.

The project recently crossed the $14.5 million fundraising milestone in under fifty days, making it the fastest-growing presale in 2023.

Investors are flocking to $WSM due to its ability to attract a cult-like following, its hilarious memes, and the attention it received from billionaire tech tycoon Elon Musk.

Wall Street Memes is a project making a mockery of our traditional financial system through a bank of memes on its social media.

The memes have become highly popular as the profile becomes the go-to location for online trading and finance-related memes – generating over 40 million monthly impressions.

The popular memes are one of the reasons that the project has attracted a cult-like community, with over 1.1 million followers on its social media accounts.

In addition, the memes have also attracted the attention of Elon Musk, who has commented on the truthful meaning behind them on several occasions;

The interest from the Tesla and Twitter CEO caused a wave of investment into the project as investors speculated if the space entrepreneur has a new meme coin to send to the moon alongside $DOGE.

The project is gaining notable traction, with influencers like Crypto Jamie and Aaron CryptoNoob joining as ambassadors.

Even CryptoWendy0, with over 100,000 subscribers, believes $WSM will be the leading project in the next crypto bull run;


Finally, the team wants $WSM to be a community-driven project and hasn’t allocated any tokens for themselves – demonstrating its long-term commitment to the project.

Overall, Wall Street Memes has struck the perfect balance between hype and FOMO to create the next meme coin sensation on the market. 

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