PEPE is Crashing – Can SONIK, WSM, and CHMPZ Give Traders Gains Instead?

Meme cryptocurrencies are enjoying a highly successful year, and astonishingly, some of them seem poised to set new records. It appears that these tokens have the potential to significantly impact the market and usher in a fresh era of meme-based tokens, possibly surpassing even established ones like PEPE.

However, now PEPE is crashing – down by 10% in the last day alone. At this, tokens like Sonik Coin (SONIK), Wall St Memes (WSM), and Chimpzee (CHMPZ) are proving to be assets that will have solid and reliable long-term growth. Each of these tokens has garnered considerable attention for distinct reasons, which we explain here. 

PEPE Down, Can Other Meme Coins Triumph?

PEPE’s price dropped by about 10% to $0.0000000002104, which is a far cry from its peak earlier in the year. Traders had heralded PEPE as the leader of a new era of meme coins, but it’s clear that that is not the case.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other tokens that can actually make good on that vision. There are three tokens in particular that look like they can do this – Sonik Coin (SONIK), Wall St Memes (WSM), and Chimpzee (CHMPZ). These tokens have all the potential in the world to become that special meme coin that can break into the top 10 tokens by market cap.

Sonik Coin is The Fastest Coin In The Market

Introducing Sonik Coin (SONIK), the freshest entrant in the realm of meme coin cryptocurrencies, marking our prime focus. Drawing inspiration from a renowned video game character, it sets its sights on becoming the swiftest cryptocurrency to achieve a remarkable $100 million market capitalization. 

While amusement takes the forefront in the domain of this meme coin, it also brings forth a staking mechanism that’s not just entertaining but also profitable. Those who invest in its staking smart contract are duly rewarded for their commitment to the project. The Sonik coin initiative boasts an impressively high annual percentage yield (APY) for its stakers, contributing to the endeavor of propelling $SONIK towards astronomical heights. The concept of staking is delving deep into the realm of both meme coins and ‘version 2’ themed coins, making a significant impact.

Sonik stands as the pioneer of stake-to-speed cryptocurrencies worldwide, enabling purchasers to commence staking and reaping rewards without delay. Of the complete token supply, a substantial 40% has been allocated for community staking rewards, distributed over a span of four years.

Currently, a staggering 90 million SONIK tokens have already undergone staking, with an astonishing APY of over 26,000%. However, it’s noteworthy that this rate will gradually decrease as additional stakers participate by depositing into the smart contract.

The team has established a rather conservative target cap of $2 million, indicating that this coin is likely to be snatched up swiftly rather than lingering on the market. Therefore, it’s advisable not to procrastinate too long when contemplating investment decisions, as the presale is anticipated to reach its capacity within a span of two weeks or even less. The current selling price of the token stands at $0.000014.

There’s absolutely no hindrance preventing Sonik from replicating that staking accomplishment, thereby offering potential buyers an additional aspect to contemplate while arriving at their purchasing verdict.

Furthermore, the inclusion of the staking functionality ensures that there will be significantly reduced selling pressure on the coin at the time of its launch on the Uniswap decentralized exchange (DEX), presenting an extra layer of reassurance for prospective buyers.

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Wall St Memes Is The Most Fun Coin In The Market

The emergence of the Wall Street Bets campaign and the subsequent GameStop incident played a pivotal role in giving rise to the Wall Street Memes (WSM) community. This community skillfully amalgamates aspects of the financial industry, humor rooted in memes, and the online culture. Wall Street Memes, with its focus on meme coins, not only advocates for cryptocurrency investment but also humorously critiques and challenges the traditional financial establishment.

The central conduit for the movement is the WSM token, developed by Wall Street Memes. This token enables users to engage in whimsical and entertaining speculative bets akin to those made on Wall Street. Individuals can express their support for the cause and potentially earn cryptocurrency-based memes by becoming part of the Wall Street Memes community and acquiring WSM tokens.

An intriguing reflection of the power of the internet in countering unbridled capitalism, Wall Street Memes are a product of the very movement that influenced their inception. In the 1980s, Gordon Gekko famously proclaimed, “Greed is good,” as he amassed wealth through stocks lacking intrinsic value. Decades later, thanks to an array of meme-based currencies, some of which are purported to possess even lower inherent value, the ordinary individual finds themselves with opportunities previously elusive.

The pre-sale phase of the WSM token is currently underway, with each token priced at $0.0334. In subsequent phases, the token’s price will increase to $0.0337. Despite being a relatively nascent project, it has already garnered a substantial following and raised over $24 million during the pre-sale period.

Prospective buyers can acquire the token using either ETH or USDT as their preferred payment method. The WSM team places a significant emphasis on transparency, fully disclosing the components of the project’s tokenomics. Community rewards will account for 30% of the overall token supply, while CEX and DEX liquidity will receive 20%, and the remaining 50% will be allocated to the presale.

Given the substantial interest in WSM, it is anticipated that the token will experience rapid sales during the presale phase. Over the upcoming weeks, investors are expected to eagerly participate in the initiative, contributing to the growing excitement surrounding WSM.

Participation in various social media platforms now offers individuals the opportunity to potentially qualify for a future WSM token airdrop. Those who trade or hold a WSM token become eligible for this enticing airdrop. Wall St Memes stands out as an appealing investment choice, characterized by its distinctive attributes that enhance its allure.

An impressive and well-established community has formed around Wall St Memes across a range of social media channels, setting it apart as a key feature. Currently, this user base serves as a strong foundation for swift expansion and progress. Additionally, Elon Musk’s involvement in the meme currency sector suggests that interactions and associations with influential figures like him have had a noteworthy impact.

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Chimpzee is The Most Eco-Friendly Coin In The Market

Chimpzee (CHMPZ) stands out as a remarkable initiative aimed at tackling urgent issues like climate change and safeguarding wildlife, all the while providing users with opportunities for passive earnings. The team behind the project showcases their commitment by contributing 10% of the token supply and a portion of their profits to organizations dedicated to addressing these critical concerns. The ambassador and community outreach efforts of Chimpzee underscore the significance of fundraising and raising public awareness for conservation initiatives.

At the core of the Chimpzee ecosystem, the Chimpzee shop functions as a central hub and a diverse marketplace, serving as its pulsating center. Within the NFT marketplace, users also have the chance to purchase and sell NFTs, enabling them to generate passive income by sharing in the platform’s trading fees.

An especially notable aspect is the Zero Tolerance Game, which passionately advocates for environmental preservation. Players can accumulate CHMPZ tokens by completing specific objectives in this game. Holders of Chimpzee NFT passports enjoy exclusive privileges that enhance their potential for passive earnings and allow them to accumulate more CHMPZ tokens. Below, you’ll find a description detailing the process of obtaining a Chimpzee NFT passport.

Furthermore, Chimpzee has ambitious plans to unveil a mobile application that leverages AI technology to craft personalized Chimpzee AI avatars. Users of this cutting-edge program can create their own unique chimpanzee avatars, which will become available after the conclusion of the presale period.

During the Chimpzee presale, a token supply of 40 billion is up for grabs, and any tokens remaining unsold once the presale period concludes will no longer be valid. Currently, Chimpzee is in the midst of its presale, offering the token at a rate of $0.00085. This price will increase to $0.00095 in the subsequent round, with the listing price then settling at $0.00185.

Chimpzee has plans to grant access to NFT passports after the presale phase. The opportunity to acquire Chimpzee Diamond NFT passports will be exclusive to investors participating in the first stage of the presale. Prior to the wider public release of NFT passports, a whitelist event will be arranged specifically for these early-stage investors. Any unsold Diamond NFT passports will then be opened up for purchase by the general public.

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Likewise, regular NFT passports will become available to presale investors in the aftermath of the presale period. A whitelist event will also be held for this purpose, and any unclaimed passports will be made available for purchase to anyone interested.

It’s crucial to emphasize that the rare Chimpzee Diamond NFT passport will only be accessible to those who take part in the initial round of the presale. The total supply of circulating CHMPZ coins could potentially decrease by up to 10% as they are destroyed when used for procuring Chimpzee NFT passports.

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At the moment, you won’t find tokens better than SONIK, WSM, and CHMPZ. They are some of the most unique tokens on the market and, as meme coins, they are setting new trends in the market. If investors want the same kind of growth that PEPE had – but in a more sustained manner – then they should look no further than these tokens and check out their presales as soon as possible.

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