$PEPE, $FLOKI and $SHIB Explode as $BTC ATH Pushes Memes Higher; $GFOX Smashes $4 Million

Markets love efficiency. Humans love making fast money. The rapture of memecoins is no blind accident. It is a hyper-efficient market dynamic. In this cycle, memecoins will be the leading vertical, and retail money is only dipping its feet in. Imagine what will happen when things start to get frothy. 

Pepe ($PEPE), Floki Inu ($FLOKI), and Shiba ($SHIB) explode as Bitcoin ($BTC) pushes memes higher. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) smashes $4 million in its presale, and the writing is on the wall. What cryptos to buy now? All animal-related meme tickers. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Smashes $4 Million 

Galaxy Fox is the star of the show, and this gem is still in its presale. Missed the massive $DOGE run-up in 2021? Do not miss the gigantic $GFOX run-up in 2024. This hybrid model redefines what it means to be a memecoin, adding a good dash of entertainment and earning to the classic high-octane upside.

Built on principles of growth, Galaxy Fox has a Web3 runner game that pays out prizes and funnels new users into the ecosystem. Its staking program rewards holders with passive income. And the token burn drives value via scarcity.

Its Treasury shoulders responsibility for further growth and is funded by taxes. It spends on community initiatives and marketing efforts. This simple mechanism is massively undervalued and will yield huge returns in the bull market- welcome to the attention economy.

Raising over $4 million and still not available on the open market, this gem is easily one of the best picks among the top 5 cryptos to buy now. Forget 10X potential $GFOX is gearing up for a 100X rally. 

Pepe ($PEPE): The Frog is BOUNCING Again

Pepe has ripped over 180% in the last week, and the frog is bouncing again. Another great response to what cryptos to buy now. Part of the new generation of memecoins, although $PEPE was birthed in the bear market, it still canonically belongs to the current cycle. Markets have significantly preferred newer and shinier tokens, and going long on $PEPE is easy money.

It is one of the world’s most famous memes, and its $3 billion market cap looks ready to teleport to a $10 billion-plus figure. Similarly to Galaxy Fox, Pepe will enjoy another massive tailwind when the $ETH Spot ETFs are approved. 

Floki Inu ($FLOKI): Shiba Inu Beta Play?

Floki Inu has risen more than 200% in the last week and is a quasi-copycat project of Shiba Inu. Its smaller market cap gives it more upside potential than the original, and $FLOKI distinguishes itself as a memecoin that has built an ecosystem. It has an NFT collection, a collection of DeFi protocols, and much more. Named after Musk’s dog, could the tech demagogue step in and pump $FLOKI?

Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Shipping Upgrades

Shiba Inu is arguably the best memecoin crypto for beginners and has the largest market cap. That has not prevented it from running more than 170% in the last week, and it now ranks as the eleventh largest crypto. Rapidly closing the distance and gaining on Dogecoin ($DOGE), strangely, much of this buying pressure is coming from TikTok viewers. Is 2024 the year that $SHIB flips $DOGE? Highly unlikely. Never bet against the king in crypto.

Closing Thoughts: All Hail Memecoin Mania 

Anybody still asking what cryptos to buy now is not going to make it this cycle. Memecoins are in and here to stay. Wait until Bitcoin breaks its ATH, and they will come swarming back like moths to a flame in full force. The mania phase has not even begun.

Galaxy Fox stands out as an extraordinary opportunity because it is still in its presale. The only thing better than holding memecoins now is investing in a memecoin presale. 100X growth is easily on the cards within the next six months, and joining the presale today retrospectively will be your best bull market decision! 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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