Pepe Explodes 181% to $1.3 Billion, Frog Wif Hat Follows With a 60% Pump

Pepe has kindled another wave of meme coin mania, paving the way for new projects like Frog Wif Hat ($FWIF) that have higher upside potential. 

Here is an analysis of the ongoing meme coin rally and how it will evolve in the coming days. We will also discuss the most potent meme coins that are expected to enter the list of top gainers over the next few days. 

Pre-Halving Rally Continues––But How Long Will Pepe Ride the Wave?

The pre-halving bull mania has worked its magic on most of the market. But as always, meme coins steal the spotlight with meteoric surges. 

While Bitcoin has recorded a 20% surge on the weekly chart, Pepe has climbed 180% during the same period. The market cap of the frog-themed meme coin icon stretched to 1.34 billion in February. 

Pepe seven-day price action, CoinMarketCap

Pepe’s reign in the spotlight, however, may be short-lived. The meme coin mania will take new turns in the next few days, catapulting emerging coins with diverse narratives to the top, ranging anywhere from 25X to 100X. 

Meme coins led by Frog With Hat ($FWIF) are taking center stage as Pepe shows signs of slowing down. For example, $FWIF climbed 60% on Wednesday, as Pepe investors pivoted to the low-cap meme coin eyeing exponential gains. 

While large-cap meme coins like Pepe and BONK are looking at steep price corrections, emerging meme coins with lower market caps offer larger room for returns. They present an excellent investment prospect in the fertile landscape.

Frog Wif Hat Records a 60% Surge in 24 Hours

Frog Wif Hat ($FWIF) made its debut on Uniswap just in time to ride the unfolding Bitcoin mania. The latest crypto bull frenzy helped the project mark a momentous entry into the market, coinciding with Pepe’s historic rebound. 

Frog Wif Hat price action,

While Pepe and Frog Wif Hat share the frog theme, Frog Wif Hat also taps into the momentum surrounding Dogwifhat ($WIF), which recorded a 145.94% surge over the last seven days. The market cap of $WIF has ballooned up to $820M at this point. 

The resurgence of Dogwifhat has also catered to the growing FOMO around Frog Wif Hat, which is emerging as the top gainer of the current meme coin rally. Within moments of the Uniswap launch, $FWIF’s price soared by an astounding 270%.

Initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain, Frog Wif Hat is set to expand to Solana, as outlined in the roadmap’s second stage. The multichain approach opens opportunities for $FWIF to expand its investor base as well as network of integrations.

Another reason behind the growing interest in the project is its excellent prospect for investors who missed significant gains on meme coin icons such as PEPE, BONK, and MYRO. 

With projected increases of 1200% to 2000% within a week and more over the next few months, $FWIF’s current prices present an attractive entry point into the project.

Fair Tokenomics, Well-Defined Roadmap, Solana Launch, And a French Flair

Frog Wif Hat embodies a unique French flair, the first of its kind in the meme coin market. 

“‘Opping onto a scene where it’s normal to put ‘ats on animals, Frog Wif Hat wears le béret, a staple of French culture. Always carrying a baguette, often grumpy or drunk, frequently chain-smoking whilst displaying a deep disdain for Americans, ‘e’s crypto’s moodiest toad,” notes the website. 

The whole 1 billion $FWIF token supply is circulating, while liquidity is secured through Team Finance, fortifying the project against potential rug pulls and fraudulent activities.

$FWIF’s upcoming listings on centralized exchanges are expected to ignite the next wave of price surges. Starting with OKX or Kucoin, the token will be available on more crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase if it jumps 100X in the current bull market as expected. 

Given its novelty of vision that taps into multiple existing trends,  it’s improbable that $FWIF will be available for purchase at a lower price again. The expansion into Solana in the second phase, in particular, will be a pivotal point for the token. Frog Wif Hat is a potential candidate for the top 5 meme coin rankings. 


Scotty the AI and SMOG Spark Buyer Frenzy 

Scotty the AI ($SCOTTY) is one of the high-potent meme coins of the year. It capitalizes on the frenzy surrounding AI cryptos in a meme coin packaging. 

Described as capable of “complex algorithms and code with ease, spotting patterns and anomalies that even the most skilled human programmers would miss,” the project taps into both utility-based and speculative demand.

“Scotty possessed a rare combination of intelligence and cunning that made him a force to be reckoned with. Many believed that he was a guardian of sorts, a protector of the secrets of the crypto universe. With his advanced AI capabilities, he roamed the endless expanse of code and algorithms that made up the digital world, always staying one step ahead of those who sought to catch him,” narrates the website.

Currently, $SCOTTY is available for purchase at discounted fixed prices in its limited presale

SMOG is another crypto that is on the verge of an explosive price action. While the dragon-themed Solana meme coin has pumped 17% over the last 24 hours, it is expected to climb higher over the week. 

SMOG 24-hour price action, CoinMarketCap

The series of Solana airdrops is behind the rapidly growing popularity of the project. Investors who buy SMOG tokens directly from the website are eligible for a 10% over-the-counter (OTC) discount.

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