PEPE, BONK, and MEW Explode in Double Digits – Which Meme Coin Will Pump Next?

Another meme coin season has begun with all the color and fireworks.

This time, Pepe and Bonk are in the lead. The top meme coins marked a 50% and 80% jump on the weekly charts sparking a buying frenzy. Can they sustain the pump, however? More importantly, which meme coins will take over the rally next?

Here is an analysis. 

Meme Coins Record Double-Digit Gains

Meme coins like Pepe, Bonk, and Dogwifhat have been climbing the charts this week. 

Although the much-awaited Bitcoin halving has yet to bear an impact on the broader market, the meme coin community is preparing for another action-packed rally.

The price action is predicted to gain speed in the coming days as the broader market follows the trend. But it is too early to tell whether top meme coin gainers like Pepe, Bonk, and Dogwifhat will be able to sustain the demand till then. 

New meme coins like Slothana (SLOTH), Dogeverse, and Cats in Dogs World (MEW) pose a threat to the dominance of these assets. 

The launch of Slothana is eagerly awaited after it raised $15M within days of launching its presale. The $SLOTH presale ends in four days. 

Dogeverse, on the other hand, just broke past the $10M milestone. MEW has been one of the top meme coin performers of this month. Despite the earlier pullback, MEW is rebounding in the current rally and has surged 35% on the daily chart. 

Due to their relatively lower initial market caps and growing social media momentum, these meme coins are aptly positioned for a wild surge. 

$15M+ Raised: 4 Days Left to Buy The Viral Office Sloth For Presale Price

Slothana is an office sloth. 

In a world full of dogs and cats and frogs, the office sloth stands out. The viral launch of the SLOTH presale has seen more than $15M flowing in over the last few days. It will end in four days and will be followed by the debut exchange listing. 

In other words, Slothana’s much-awaited exchange listing will align perfectly with the next bull run. While the meme coin market is already on the move, the broader market is expected to catch up next week. 

In the presale stage, investors can grab the token for a fixed discounted price. 1 SOL will get investors 10,000 SLOTH tokens now. After the exchange launch, the market will decide the price of the token. 

If the growing FOMO is any sign, the token has the potential to climb anywhere from 25X to 75X over the next few weeks. 

The Slothana Craze Explained 

Slothana is a new meme coin built on the Solana blockchain. Multiple factors drive the growing traffic to the SLOTH presale. 

First of all, meme coins with Solana labels are trending this year. Meme coins like BONK, WIF, and MEW belong to this category, and they have catalyzed the trend to new heights. Although the trend is purely based on speculation, investors have been cashing in on it to make multifold returns.

To cite an example, Dogwifhat has climbed 4934.82% since January this year. It has little going on for it, apart from the Solana label. 

But as expected, the success of Dogwifhat spawned many knock-offs into the market. They are mostly themed around dogs or hats. Few of them have managed to win the attention of investors. 

So there has to be more to Slothana than its Solana label. 

This is where the project’s fresh theme enters the picture. Slothana represents all office sloths who are burnt out by the 9-6 daily grind. 

Isn’t that most of the investor community?

Within hours of the presale launch, the token went viral for its relatability. As of now, Slothana has 23.5K followers on Twitter and the number is growing by the day. The engagement is organic, similar to the community activity of meme coins like Shiba Inu and Pepe in their early days. 

After the massive success of Dogwifhat another genuine meme coin community is coming to the spotlight.

Industry Leaders Feature Slothana on Top Lists

The viral SLOTH phenomenon kicked off by Slothana has caught the attention of industry analysts and influencers, further fueling the FOMO. For example, Slothana ranks second on ICOBench’s list of the best upcoming ICOs this year. 

The first place is held by Dogeverse, the multichain ‘dog coin’ that is on its way to an early presale sell-out after raising $10M.

Analysts like ClayBro and Austin Hilton are optimistic about Slothana, introducing it to their YouTube communities. It has secured a spot on the ‘5 Best Meme Coins to Buy Now’ list on the crypto education platform 99Bitcoins. It is widely featured in top crypto publications. 

The growing media and social media attention hint at the growth potential of the meme coin on its launch, which is only a few days away. 


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