PEPE 2.0 Surges 600% This Week – Are $WSM and $THUG Next to Follow in Memecoin Season?

A copycat of PEPE that made headlines last week is starting to kick-start the memecoin season again after surging over 600% since Monday, July 2.

Dubbed PEPE 2.0, the copycat intends to encapture the same fundamental principles that made its predecessor successful while making a few changes to avoid its previous mistakes.

With memecoins back on the map, experts believe that Wall Street Memes (WSM), a project that already has Elon Musk’s attention, and Thug Life Token (THUG) could potentially follow.

Here’s everything you need to know.

PEPE 2.0 Following PEPE Footsteps and Surges 400% This Week

After dropping almost 80% over the weekend, the whales are back in PEPE 2.0 – causing it to surge by over 600% since the start of the week.

PEPE 2.0 launched last week on June 27 as it embarked on an adventure to “make things right” in the memecoin sector, with a goal to “redo” the billion-dollar run of PEPE.

In its first few days of trading, PEPE 2.0 managed to reach a market cap high of over $50 million before falling by 80% during the weekend. Nevertheless, the newly revived bull run has allowed PEPE 2.0 to reach the previous $50 million market cap high today – according to data from DexScreener;

The rumblings of another run started to circulate in the crypto-verse at the start of the week, causing retail traders and degens to get re-positioned in the project attempting to replicate PEPE’s success.

The token has now seen over $10 million in trading volume over the past 24 hours, demonstrating the overwhelming FOMO associated with this token.

PEPE 2.0 aims to follow in the footsteps of PEPE but make some important changes to the project’s infrastructure. In particular, it decided not to launch on the weekend and prevented the smart contract from blacklisting investors – two mistakes that the original PEPE made during its 7000% bullish surge.

Which Other Cryptos Could Be Set to Explode Next

As the price of PEPE 2.0 continues to provide unrivaled returns in the current memecoin climate, two other prominent players are emerging – Wall Street Memes and Thug Life Token.

This memecoin duo is making waves in the crypto memecoin circuit as investors are captivated by their unique propositions.

For example, Wall Street Memes has amassed a huge cult-like following in its short time, raised over $12.5 million, and attracted the attention of billionaire tech tycoon Elon Musk.

On the other hand, Thug Life Token presents a unique proposal to allow investors to become early adopters of a low-cap project, providing room for substantial growth once it hits decentralized exchanges.

Let’s take a closer look at why both of these tokens are starting to trend in the memecoin space.

Wall Street Memes – Elon Musk’s New Favorite Memecoin?

Wall Street Memes is one of the prominent up-and-coming memecoins that has captured the attention of the entire cryptocurrency space.

This community-driven project has already managed to raise over $12.5 million in its presale in a mere forty days – making it one of the fastest-growing presale projects in 2023.

Investors are flocking to this token as they’re captivated by its huge cult-like community, unbelievably hilarious memes, and ability to gain the attention of legendary memecoin-lover Elon Musk.

The project has created the perfect blend of buzzworthy internet culture, meme-based humor, and decentralized finance – causing it to become one of the most sought-after presale projects in the memecoin sector.

The origin story behind Wall Street Memes extends from the GameStop fiasco in 2021, where the Reddit armchair investors challenged the greedy capitalists on Wall Street to a duel on their own turf and came out victorious – sending billion-dollar hedge funds into bankruptcy!

Now, Wall Street Memes intends to tokenize this movement through WSM, allowing people to continue the speculation with a sprinkle of humor.

Huge Community Established With Elon Musk Paying Attention

The best part about the project is that it makes a mockery of Wall Street and the traditional financial system through its hilarious bank of memes – which has gained the attention of Elon Musk.

The Twitter CEO and SpaceX entrepreneur has interacted with the WSM Twitter handle on several occasions, commenting on the hilarious and revealing nature of the memes exposing our traditional financial system;

The tech mogul interactions excite investors because they believe additional interactions will help WSM soar once the token finally goes live on major tier-1 exchanges.  

Speaking of which, the huge cult-like following behind the project – which currently stands at over one million followers across its social media profiles – puts the token in a guaranteed position to be listed on major tier-1 exchanges immediately following its presale.

This is because exchange giants would capitalize on the enormous trading volumes that WSM would generate, translating into platform revenues from trading fees on the exchange.

Alongside the interactions with Elon Musk, the community has grown significantly as it was helped by a previous connection with Wall Street Bulls. This NFT project sold its entire collection in 2021 in a matter of minutes – generating millions of dollars in trading volume. Now, that community has returned to champion Wall Street Memes into the next memecoin sensation.

Although the token has no intrinsic utility – similar to PEPE, PEPE 2.0, DOGE, and SHIB – the strength of this project lies in its robust community supporting it. This provides a solid foundation to help WSM hit mainstream circles following the presale.

In addition, investors are curious about its long-term prospects due to the fact that the team has demonstrated its commitment to the project by not assigning any tokens for themselves in the presale.

The team believes that the entire token supply should be dedicated to the community and has decided to sell half the supply in the presale, with the other half being reserved for adding liquidity to exchanges and providing community rewards.

Overall, Wall Street Memes has struck a perfect balance between hype and FOMO, two essential fundamentals that cause memecoins to skyrocket, which is why YouTube analysts like Crypto Gains are touting it to be the next 100x memecoin;

With the presale quickly selling out, it’s important to get positioned in WSM as early as possible to take advantage of the lower price point as the cost for the token increases during subsequent presale stages.

Thug Life Token – Representing the Shared Hustle in the Web3 Landscape

It’s not just Wall Street Memes that’s riding the success of the memecoin mania.

Recently, a new project launched that’s starting to make the rounds on social media due to its unique fundraising structure, which allows everybody to enter on a level playing field.

Thug Life Token is a new project that seeks to change the bitter landscape of dumped presales into a fruitful endeavor for those looking to turn previous losses into fresh wins.

The project is on a mission to provide a second chance for those who have been played by their favorite influencers while trying to navigate the minefield of the explosive degen crypto market.

Described as the ballers’ memecoin, Thug Life Token is based on the timeless Thug Life movement, which rose to prominence from the Hip-Hop circuit in the late 1980s after stars like Snoop Dogg promoted it through musical records.

The project is fuelled by humor, brotherhood, and the shared struggle of hustling in the Web3 world. It features a range of popular memes and individuals in its branding, including Dogecoin Doge, Snoop Dogg, Jasbulla, and Pepe the Frog;

Furthermore, the hip-hop culture narrative also opens the doors for future artists to get involved in the project as ambassadors, promoting it to their huge audiences if it becomes popular after its fundraising. 

Humor, memes, community, and decentralized finance typically create a strong recipe for success in the memecoin space, and Thug Life Token has ensured it integrates all of these principles into its ecosystem. 

The entire idea behind Thug Life is to make light of coping with missed memecoin opportunities in the market and build a strong and united community to rally behind the token and take it to new heights. 

It’s already gaining significant traction, attracting over 3000 followers on its Twitter profile, with experts tipping it to provide at least 10x returns after its presale. 

Unique Presale Proposition Creates Interesting Investing Dynamics

Investors are curious about the quick returns this project is expected to make as a $2 million hard cap is placed on the presale, meaning there aren’t enough THUG tokens for everybody to get involved early.

In addition, the fundraising is selling the token during a single presale stage – meaning those lucky enough to participate will pay the same price for the token – set at $0.0007.

Based on the presale price and the total supply, the Thug Life Token market cap will start at $2.94 million, providing enormous growth potential once it hits decentralized exchanges.

For example, the project would need to reach a low market cap of $30 million to provide presale buyers a 10x return on their investment – a feat regularly achieved by most memecoins during a memecoin mania.

Finally, investors are confident in the team as they’ve stated that the liquidity pool will be locked by Team Finance for three months from its launch.

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