Pause in Dogecoin Rally Leads to $2.5M Liquidation; Solana & InQubeta Attract Investors

All was well with Dogecoin (DOGE) until a pause in trading recently led to a liquidation of tokens worth $ 2.5 million. The development left both analysts and crypto enthusiasts flummoxed and the market rife with probable causes. 

What helped divert attention were the rallying prices of InQubeta (QUBE) and Solana (SOL). While Solana is a platform offering developer-friendly tools, InQubeta helps AI-focused startups scale with its solutions.

The two tokens were among the best altcoins for 2023 and it seems that they will be surging ahead in 2024 as well. 

InQubeta has posted a huge presale success. So far, its cryptocurrency ICO has raked in over $8.5 million.

InQubeta: Helping AI startups reach new heights

InQubeta is a fund-raising and business development platform for startups working in the AI sector. It is built on Ethereum and helps upcoming innovators in scaling their businesses. 

It can help startups find mentors, investors, accounting support, and reliable legal advice. 

InQubeta has managed to rise despite the competition from new altcoins by keeping things simple. Startups interact with potential investors through an NFT marketplace. 

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The NFTs traded at the portal are tokenized firms of offers submitted by startups. They provide all the details about a project and the reward that an investor will be eligible for. 

To purchase these NFTs, requires InQubeta’s native cryptocurrency, the QUBE token. The token is used for all transactions and rewards given on the network.

The QUBE token also supports InQuebta’s decentralized governance system where token holders are tasked with decision-making. Token holders are given voting privileges which they use to vote for or against protocol upgrades or changes. 

In the coming months, InQubeta users can expect to see many new initiatives being rolled out by the team. These initiatives include a staking dApp, new marketing activities, and the QUBE token being listed on centralized exchanges. 

QUBE tokens can also be staked and holders can earn cryptocurrencies as rewards. These staked tokens go towards supporting the platform’s growth and pumping liquidity levels. The longer an asset is staked, the higher would be the rewards. 

InQubeta has a first mover advantage as it works with AI startups and allows even retail investors to participate in this upcoming space easily and at the click of a button. 

For giving out the staking rewards, the InQubeta team uses tax collections to create a separate pool. 

Tesla to accept Dogecoin as payment at it’s Supercharging station

Dogecoin is among the leading animal-themed meme cryptocurrencies. It is inspired by a dog breed called Shiba Inu which is native to Japan. All transactional purposes on the platform are completed with DOGE.

Its rallying prices hit a pause recently after a surprise liquidation saw DOGE tokens worth $2.5 million being sold off. The move took the crypto community by surprise and stoked several theories about what could have led to the liquidation. 

The meme coin was recently in the news after Tesla announced that its Supercharging station in Hollywood is gearing up to accept payments in DOGE tokens. The Supercharging station for electrical vehicles is slated to open later this year, according to reports.

Solana Foundation to launch developer grant programme with CoinDCX

Solana is a decentralized platform where developers can find diverse tools for creating Web 3.0 tools. The platform is preferred by developers due to its flexibility and scalability. Its native token is SOL. 

It’s one of the few cryptocurrencies that were able to rise above the excitement around investing in BTC ETFs and still post strong results. Given the way it has been attracting investors, analysts suggest that it might be a good time for SOL holders to accumulate their holdings 

In a recent development, the Solana Foundation and CoinDCX announced that they will be partnering to sponsor a Rs 25-crore grant. The grant will aim at encouraging developers in India to come up with innovative Web 3.0 solutions on the Solana blockchain. The year-long programme will end in December.


If you research and list the top crypto to invest in, coins like InQubeta, Solana, and Dogecoin can’t be ignored. Their upward movement has been a consistent feature of their market performance. 

These coins have cemented their position in the industry through a range of cutting-edge features which includes a powerful security framework. Their security mechanism has been vetted by top blockchain audit firms and complies with international standards. 

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