Over $25 Million Raised? Check Out WSM Before Presale Ends, Plus 2 Other Hot Tokens

The cryptocurrency market is gearing up for the imminent arrival of some intriguing new tokens, thanks to upcoming exchange listings. These tokens hold the potential for rapid and substantial growth due to their distinctive attributes.

Keep a close watch on Wall St Memes (WSM), Sonik Coin (SONIK), and Launchpad XYZ (LPX), as their presale periods are drawing to a close in a fairly short time. We provide comprehensive details on these tokens to empower you to make the most informed choices.

With Over $25M Raised, This is Your Last Chance to Enter WSM Presale

The Wall Street Bets movement and the subsequent GameStop incident played a pivotal role in sparking the creation of the Wall Street Memes (WSM) community. This community ingeniously combines elements from the financial world, meme-inspired humor, and online culture. Wall Street Memes, primarily focused on meme coins, not only encourage cryptocurrency investments but also playfully challenge and question the norms of traditional finance.

At the heart of this phenomenon lies the WSM token, introduced by the Wall Street Memes community. This token allows users to engage in lighthearted and entertaining speculative activities reminiscent of those seen on Wall Street. By becoming a part of the Wall Street Memes community and acquiring WSM tokens, individuals can show their support for the cause and potentially gain access to cryptocurrency-infused memes.

It’s a remarkable testament to the internet’s power to counter unregulated capitalism; Wall Street Memes originate from the very movement that sparked their creation. Back in the 1980s, Gordon Gekko famously declared, “Greed is good,” as he amassed wealth through stocks lacking intrinsic value. Several decades later, thanks to various meme-based currencies, some of which are believed to have even less inherent value, ordinary people now have opportunities that were once out of reach.

The WSM token is currently in the final phase of its presale, offering a limited window for token acquisition. Priced at $0.0337, its value is poised to rise once it’s listed on exchanges. Despite being a relatively young project, it has already attracted a substantial following and secured $25 million in funding to date. Notably, millions of tokens have already been staked.

Prospective buyers can acquire the token using either ETH or USDT as their preferred payment method. The WSM team places a strong emphasis on transparency, openly disclosing the project’s tokenomics. Community rewards will make up 30% of the total token supply, while 20% will be allocated to CEX and DEX liquidity, with the remaining 50% reserved for the presale.

Given the considerable interest in WSM, a rapid surge in sales is expected during the presale phase. In the coming weeks, investors are anticipated to enthusiastically participate in the initiative, further fueling the growing excitement surrounding WSM.

Active participation across a diverse range of social media platforms now opens the door for individuals to potentially qualify for an upcoming token airdrop introduced by WSM. Those engaged in trading or holding WSM tokens are eligible for this appealing airdrop opportunity. Wall St Memes stands out as an attractive investment opportunity, characterized by its unique features that enhance its appeal.

A strong and well-established community has formed around Wall St Memes on various social media channels, underscoring its prominence. Currently, this user base serves as a solid foundation for rapid growth and progress. Furthermore, the involvement of influential figures like Elon Musk in the realm of meme currencies suggests that interactions and connections with such notable personalities have had a significant impact.

Sonik Coin Is Another Meme Coin You Don’t Want to Miss

Taking inspiration from the iconic character, Sonik Coin (SONIK) aligns its mission with the ambitious aim of reaching a market capitalization of $100 million, symbolizing the famous speed associated with the character.

Individuals engaging with its distinctive staking smart contract are generously rewarded for their unwavering dedication to the project. The Sonik coin initiative provides stakers with a notably high annual percentage yield (APY), in harmony with the overarching goal of propelling $SONIK to remarkable heights. This innovative staking concept has ignited excitement, extending its influence to encompass both meme coins and ‘version 2’ themed coins.

Sonik emerges as a pioneering force in the global arena of stake-to-speed cryptocurrencies, enabling buyers to swiftly participate in staking activities and kickstart the accumulation of rewards. A significant portion of the total token supply, precisely 40%, has been set aside for community staking rewards, with distribution planned over a four-year period.

The team has established a relatively conservative target cap of $2 million, indicating that this coin is geared towards quick acquisition rather than a prolonged presence in the market. Therefore, it’s advisable to exercise caution when assessing investment opportunities, as the presale phase is expected to reach its cap within a two-week timeframe, or potentially even sooner. The present token price is fixed at $0.000014, and it has already garnered over $1.8 million in funding.

Launchpad XYZ Can Help You Find 10x Tokens

Launchpad XYZ (LPX) stands as a comprehensive Web 3 dashboard, driven by a central mission to empower traders, regardless of their expertise level. Its primary objective is to furnish them with essential tools to make well-informed trading decisions. The platform provides in-depth data covering a wide range of utility tokens, presenting crucial metrics related to liquidity, analyst insights, personalized indicators, and potential arbitrage opportunities.

This platform streamlines the trading process and consolidates various disparate applications into a user-friendly interface reminiscent of the Web2 era. Leveraging Web3 advantages such as revenue-sharing models, fractionalization of tangible assets, and self-custody, it equips traders with the necessary resources to confidently navigate the cryptocurrency landscape.

One of Launchpad XYZ’s standout features is its real-time updates on potential Web3 investments, enabling investors to stay ahead in discovering new projects and concepts even before they become widely available. Additionally, a select group of private investors can opt to receive exclusive alerts from the platform concerning cryptocurrency presales.

Users who stake a minimum of 10,000 LPX tokens monthly on Launchpad XYZ gain access to several benefits, including reduced fees, early entry into play-to-earn (P2E) games, and prestigious community badges.

Furthermore, Launchpad XYZ actively pursues the creation of a decentralized exchange capable of facilitating the trading of various asset pairs, including specific perpetual contracts. This will empower traders to both leverage and engage in short sales. LPX token holders will benefit from reduced trading fees on the Launchpad XYZ exchange, further enhancing the utility and value of LPX tokens.

The LPX token’s ongoing presale phase is currently underway through Launchpad XYZ, offering interested individuals the chance to obtain the token using various payment methods. Out of the total token supply of 1.025 billion tokens, a specific allocation of 250 million tokens has been earmarked for the presale.

Throughout the presale period, the price of LPX is fixed at $0.0445 per token, with a subsequent listing price of $0.0565. Additionally, there is a 19% bonus available for those who acquire the token in the current phase. As of the present moment, the presale has already amassed over $1.6 million in funding.


Cryptocurrencies like Wall St Memes (WSM), Sonik Coin (SONIK), and Launchpad XYZ (LPX) have emerged as candidates for great growth in the upcoming weeks. The fact that their presales will end not too long from now makes it even more essential that you check out these tokens as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: We advise readers to do their own research before interacting with any featured companies. The information provided is not financial or legal advice. Neither CaptainAltcoin nor any third party recommends buying or selling any financial products. Investing in cryptoassets is high-risk; consider the potential for loss. CaptainAltcoin is not liable for any damages or losses from using or relying on this content.

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