Optimism (OP) and Solana (SOL) Dominant on Charts – Pullix (PLX) Presale Sparks Massive Interest

Solana (SOL) can experience an eventual fifth Elliot wave, which can propel the crypto to new heights. Optimism (OP) is also bullish on the charts and could pave the way for further gains by investors and traders. 

Despite this, many are looking towards the Pullix (PLX) crypto for substantial gains as it has seen massive attention with its blockchain ICO. We will go over each one to see which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Optimism (OP) Rises 317% – Price to Reach $6.10 in 2024

Optimism (OP) is a Layer-2 solution for Ethereum that utilizes optimistic rollups for higher scalability and security. These allow transactions to be recorded on an L2 blockchain and verified by external validators on the first-layer blockchain.

The Optimism volume has increased, and according to an analysis view of the on-chart data, the price has surged from $2.26 to $4.12 during the past week. The total price upswing was by 317% in the past year. 

This indicates that Optimism is trading above the significant moving averages and showcasing a bullish marubozu candlestick. Buyers are now in control over sellers, which has led to a sharp upward move. According to the Optimism price prediction, it can reach $6.10 in 2024.

Solana (SOL) Is Projected to Surge to $190.70 in 2024

Solana (SOL) has a bullish road ahead of it, according to the analyst of the YouTube channel More Crypto Online. 

The channel host gave a perspective on a potential price movement for the Solana crypto, where, in the long run, it could reach new heights.

In this bullish scenario, Solana could use one more high in an extended third wave, pushing resistance levels between $134 and $147 before a broader correction occurs. 

Recent on-chart data suggests that SOL traded between $102 and $114. Based on the most recent Solana price prediction, it can surge to a maximum value of $190.70 in 2024.

Pullix (PLX) Is Nearly Complete With Stage 4 of Its Presale Due to Massive Appeal

Pullix (PLX) is an upcoming platform that will change how people interact with the decentralized finance space by introducing features that can solve liquidity and reward ecosystem participants.

Being the first community-backed exchange, it will introduce a unified platform that will cater to all of the trading requirements and make it simpler for users to access liquidity and trade global assets seamlessly.

Pullix will introduce a Yield Farm. Here, anyone will gain the ability to contribute liquidity through staking their LP tokens. Every trade on the Pullix Swap will have a 0.25%, which will be added to the pool in LP tokens.

All of them will then be sold for PLX, which are then distributed to PullixLP holders. This enhances the value and can result in fixed passive income for ecosystem participants.

The project is undergoing its blockchain ICO, where it’s nearly complete with Stage 5. As a result, this marks the final chance for anyone to grab PLX for $0.07 before its price increases in the upcoming sage. 


Aside from Optimism and Solana, another crypto that is getting a significant level of attention is Pullix. With its rich feature set and vast ecosystem, Pullix can become a dominant force in the industry. Its presale has gained a massive level of attention, and at this rate of growth, analysts project a price upswing of 100x at launch. These aspects make it the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below: 

Visit Pullix  | Join The Pullix Communities

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