Next-Gen Altcoins: Aptos (APT), Optimism (OP), and Pullix (PLX) Spearhead Innovation in Q1 2024

Optimism (OP), Aptos (APT) and Pullix (PLX) are there altcoins that are spearheading innovation in Q1, 2024. Each cryptocurrency is poised for growth, fueled by their technology and ecosystem sizes. Today, we will go over the price performance of each crypto to see how far they can rise in value during the upcoming months, to see which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Aptos (APT) Intersected Its 200-Day EMA – Price to Reach $14.08 in 2024

Aptos (APT) is a Layer-1 blockchain that is based on the Move programming language. Its native crypto, APT, is used for network fees, validator staking and governance. The Aptos network stands out as it introduces Parallel Processing Execution and the AptosBFT consensus.

According to the on-chart data, the Aptos price has been bullish, and has experienced genuine buyer participation that have intersected its 200-day EMA. During the past month, APT is up 13%, and during the week it grew from $7.61 to $9.14. According to the Aptos price prediction it can surge to $14.08 by 2024.

Optimism (OP) Grows 27.3% – Projected to Climb to $3.70 Next Year

Optimism (OP) is a Layer-2 solution built to scale the Ethereum network whilst also enhancing its security, scalability and simplicity. It utilizes optimistic rollups, which are a type of L2 blockchain that rely on the Ethereum network for consensus and dispute solutions.

During the past two weeks, Optimism grew in value by 27.3%, and in the past year, its up 135%. Going over its on-chart data, its clear that Optimism grew from $1.99 to $2.34, and now needs to break past the $3 price barrier to reach new heights. According to the Optimism price prediction, it can surge to $3.70 in 2024.

Pullix (PLX) Is Spearheading Innovation in TradFi and Reached Stage 3 of Its Presale

Pullix (PLX) is an upcoming platform that will completely change how traders interact with the DeFi space.

  • The platform will solve the issue of liquidity that most DEXs are facing, through introducing a blend of features that can make it the first community-backed exchange. It can create a transparent trading experience, and holders can stake their PLX holdings into liquidity pools t o benefit from the platform’s growth and get fixed monthly passive income. 
  • Pullix will feature a deflationary model as-well, where half of the PLX balance will be burned, which will result in a reduction of the supply and an increase in its value over time.
  • Another half will g o towards token holders that staked their crypto to prived liquidity, as a reward in the form of fixed monthly passive income.
  • Pullix will also offer derivatives and crypto trading all from a single account and without any KYC procedures. 

The project is now undergoing its cryptocurrency ICO period, and at this time is at Stage 3, trading at just $0.044, making it one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in.


While Aptos and Optimism are bullish, another cryptocurrency that can surge in value is Pullix. The project is spearheading innovation with its unique approach and vast ecosystem that can contribute towards heightened interest by traders and investors in the long-term. At launch, analysts are projecting a price upswing of 100x, making it one of the hottest cryptocurrency ICO projects.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

Visit Pullix 

Join The Pullix Communities

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