New Year, New MemeCoins — Who Will 100x First?

Investors hope for continued impressive performance from meme coins in 2024 as their appeal gradually returns. 

Market indicators point towards meme coins being among the best cryptos to buy ahead of 2024. With most meme coins impressing this year, their performance in the new year could be even much better. However, choosing the most profitable among the numerous meme coins available seems tricky. According to experts’ predictions, booming $BONK, $PEPE, and $DOGE could be rewarding, while the new $GFOX could be the most pleasantly surprising. Here, we consider which of these meme coins can do 100x first. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX): New Meme Coin With 100x Potential 

The Galaxy Fox ecosystem will provide you with the benefits of P2E, the thrills of web3 gaming, and the profitability of NFTs. The Ethereum-based protocol will feature a runner game that allows players to compete with each other to earn. Players will earn Galaxy Fox native token, $GFOX, which they can use to purchase game boosters, NFTs, and other digital products in the Galaxy Fox NFTs marketplace. The token will equally help complete other transactions in the ecosystem and will equally have real-life value. 

The presale token has a high-profit propensity and has caught investors’ attention. Their optimism about the P2E meme coin is evident in its presale. $GFIX presale is around $2 million currently and could reach $5 million before the eighth stage. It is currently in its sixth stage, which is the next best point of entry after its previous stage. $GFOX presale price is expected to increase soon. Hence, early entry is advisable. The token is expected to undergo burn, reducing the amount in circulation, making it scarce, and increasing its value. $GFOX is set to launch after its tenth presale stage, and experts predict the meme coin could experience about 100× post-launch surge. 


Can $BONK Do 100x In 2024? 

$BONK has shown throughout this year that it is capable of experiencing a huge price surge. The meme token has been impressive since its launch on December 25, 2022, and it hopes to keep up its performance for long. $BONK. is among the top gain altcoins this year, with a new all-time high (ATH) and an impressive 14,000+% rise throughout the year. 

The meme coin declined by 16% within the last seven (7) days but has reversed on this loss by 18% in the last 24 hours. $BONK’s ability to quickly reverse its loss makes it one of the favorites to do 100x first. The meme coin has been profitable, and market analysts believe its profitability may increase in 2024. 

$PEPE Future Outlook: Potential Pump or Dump?

$PEPE is a promising cryptocurrency for beginners and top market players to consider in 2024. The frog-themed meme coin has equally been impressive this year, although not as $BONK. $PEPE is gaining increasing prominence, contributing to its success potential in the new year. The meme coin has a 2300+% year-to-date gain, and despite the current decline, analysts have an optimistic view of its 2024 performance. 

$PEPE contributed excellently to the meme coin sector improvement this year. It’s among the reasons why the dwindling meme appeal is returning and maybe a risk-rewarding purchase. Market observers believe it has what it takes to do 100x but may not achieve it before $BONK and $GFOX. 


Can $DOGE Set a New High in 2024? 

$DOGE hasn’t been as impressive as the other meme coins in this list. However, analysts believe writing off the pioneer meme coin could be costly. The topmost meme coin endured a torrid start to the year but has shown low volatility since its mid-November to December surge. $DOGE peaked at $0.10 a few weeks ago, its highest point in about a year. While the top meme coin could not defend this price point, it’s finding strong support around $0.09. 

$DOGE will retest the $0.10+ resistance level again, and a possible rally at this point could take it toward $0.5. The prominent altcoin is still among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, with its $13.1 billion market cap putting it at tenth. An impressive rally could see $DOGE move up in 2024. 


The coming year promises to be great for meme coins, making $BONK, $PEPE, $DOGE, and $GFOX top cryptos to buy now. The latter has the highest profit potential, and joining its presale could be the most rewarding commitment. 

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