New Memecoin Listings On CoinGecko Include Golden Inu ($GOLDEN), A Potential 100X Crypto Moonshot

After CoinGecko added a new ERC-20 token, Golden Inu ($GOLDEN), at 6 AM Eastern this Friday, a Subsequent surge in “Shiba Inu Killer” transactions were detected. In the wake of this listing, the “ERC-20 Token” transactions have experienced a notable increase. A sudden growth predicts a future price surge for the $SHIB token rival. 

This CoinGecko listing has increased the price of $GOLDEN [ERC-20] by 0.01% with a currency price of $0.000000000023308. Along with the uplifting prices, trades on this token have also been increased to +52%. 

Beta Version for New Play-to-Earn Game

Following the launch of the impressive $Golden Inuverse game’s beta version [play here], Golden Inu got listed. This final version of the P2E game is believed to be a tool to burn the circulating supply of $GOLDEN tokens permanently. Initially, the game is supposed to burn mainly the BEP-20 tokens, but later, ERC-20 tokens will also be destroyed. 

It will be linked with the buying of $Golden Inuverse NFTs that are used in the game. More than just a game, $Golden Inuverse lets $GOLDEN holders earn while playing. Developers use the Crypto Coin Opps community forum to answer gamers’ questions and share updates.

Forecasting the Token’s Price

Analysts haven’t given an exact percentage expectation on future increases in Golden Inu [ERC-20] token’s value.  Nonetheless, the $GOLDEN token’s price is expected to increase in a range between XX% to XXXX% CG & CMC adds it to their indexes. 

Following the increased prices after the memecoin’s listing on CoinGecko, it’s common for this value to remain higher after being listed compared to the pre-listing prices. That’s exactly what happened when the BEP-20 version of this token was listed on CoinGecko. This may leave the investors in benefits.

CoinMarketCap Listing Next

The listing of the $GOLDEN’s Ethereum version on CoinGecko is a bold step for the growth of the crypto world’s “Dogecoin Killer” to make it a most anticipated memecoin of 2023. After millions of Coingecko viewers have noticed this newly listed coin, the next 48 to 72 hours seem crucial for the token’s price hike. 

The listing confirmed that the founder of Golden Inu, @3TC, on Twitter, was telling the truth when he talked about the token’s listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap; however, many users doubted it due to the listing delay because of new Coin Indexes rules. As one of his promises was fulfilled, the token will likely be listed on CoinMarketCap soon. 

Acquiring Golden Inu

Users can purchase Golden Inu on Uniswap, the world’s biggest crypto exchange. More exchanges will likely add it. Both ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens will be accessible in the coming months. A Latin-American exchange, MEXC, may also list the Golden Inu token due to its focus on Latin-American projects. The value of this token can skyrocket if it becomes approachable to the 10 million users on MEXC. 

Top Rival To Shiba Inu and Dogecoin

CoinGecko has provided favorable recognition to the ERC-20 version of the Golden Inu ($GOLDEN) token, incorporating it into its coin index listings; check here. After being listed on CoinGecko, it positively impacted its price-hike and growth, making the Shiba Inu Killer the rival of $DOGE and $SHIB. 

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