New Meme Coin PEPE 2.0 Explodes Over 3,000% – WSM and THUG Next to Pump?

There’s a new memecoin in town that’s attempting to replicate the success of PEPE and is already achieving its goal after surging by well over 3000% from launching.

Interestingly, the newcomer has aptly named itself PEPE 2.0, aiming to capture the same magic that made its predecessor a sensation. Unsurprisingly, this ambitious memecoin has quickly become the talk of the crypto social media scene, grabbing the attention of industry insiders and enthusiasts alike.

The speedy growth of PEPE 2.0 has injected some positivity into the memecoin sector, which has seen a lackluster performance during June 2023. Nevertheless, the growth of this new project has also helped other notable up-and-coming memecoins to see further investment. In particular, WSM is on the verge of reaching a remarkable $11.5 million in fundraising, and the buzzworthy $THUG token is making the rounds on Twitter.

Overall, it seems that the degen bulls are back for some memecoin action, and the excitement has many investors positioning themselves as early as possible for the incoming wave of price surges in these projects.

PEPE2.0 Explodes By Over 2000%: Are Memecoins Back on the Menu?

Launched this week on June 27, PEPE 2.0 set out on an adventure with promises to “make things right” in the crypto space and “redo” the billion-dollar run of PEPE. The idea behind the project is to walk in the footsteps of PEPE while avoiding all the mistakes the memecoin giant made, such as launching on the weekend and being able to blacklist investors.

The project saw the overwhelmingly high investment as degens and retail traders rushed to get invested as early as possible, pushing the market cap for the token above $50 million dollars throughout the week;

Although the token might have seen a slight pullback from its highs, the volume remains incredibly strong, with experts believing that it can continue to set new highs over the coming days.

The surge caught the attention of notable Twitter influencers in the space, as they asked their audience for thoughts on the newly launched PEPE 2.0;

Traders are further encouraged by the degen understanding of the team, locking the liquidity for the token for three months – which currently stands around $850k, providing enough liquidity for whales to easily swim in and out of the market.

PEPE 2.0 Opportunity Passed, But Investors Are Still Hunting for More

With PEPE 2.0 already hitting a $50 million market cap, the substantial 100x returns that early adopters experienced have unfortunately passed for investors entering now. This is because PEPE 2.0 started from a very low market cap – beneath $100k – which is why the token provided incredible returns for those lucky enough to position themselves early.

Nevertheless, the project has injected much enthusiasm into the memecoin sector, and investors are still hunting for the next gem that can replicate its success.

In particular, two memecoins are gaining incredible traction, with one already having interactions with Elon Musk on Twitter, fuelling the speculation whether the billionaire investor is already on board.

Wall Street Memes – Huge Community With Elon Musk on Board

Wall Street Memes is one of the fastest-growing presales in 2023 as it approaches the $11.5 million fundraising milestone in just a month since going live. Investors are rushing to position themselves as early as possible in this token as they’re intrigued by its long-term prospects due to its ability to attract such a huge community and the attention of billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk.

The project is blazing through its presale, allowing you to get positioned before the token hits major tier-1 exchanges and starts to replicate the enormous growth of PEPE and PEPE 2.0.

The community-driven project is causing a stir in the memecoin sector as it has all the fundamental principles required to explode once it hits exchanges. For example, the project has already managed to attract over one million followers across its social media profiles, putting it in the perfect position to be listed on major-1 exchanges, such as Binance and OKX, which would look to capitalize on the inevitable enormous trading volumes.

Furthermore, the team behind the project has demonstrated its long-term commitment by refusing to allocate any WSM tokens for themselves. Instead, the entire WSM supply is reserved for the community, with 50% sold in the presale and 50% dedicated to adding liquidity to centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Like all memecoins, the token has no intrinsic utility, but the strength of the project lies in the robust community supporting it. The community grew quickly due to its connection to Wall Street Bulls – an NFT collection that sold out in half an hour in 2021. That same community is back to support Wall Street Memes in becoming the next memecoin sensation.

However, the following was further propelled when Elon Musk, renowned meme lover and Twitter CEO, started interacting with the Wall Street Memes Twitter profile on several occasions. This sparked a debate as to whether the tech mogul found a new memecoin to share his affection for with the same enthusiasm as Dogecoin.

Overall, the entire eyes of the crypto world are fixated on the WSM token, poised for explosive growth following its presale. The great news is that you’re still early and get to invest at presale prices – likely the lowest entry costs. 

Thug Life Token – Small Market Cap Designed for Degens Seeking Huge Gains

Another token set to follow the gains of PEPE and PEPE 2.0 is Thug Life Token, a project that wants to turn the bitter landscape of dumped presales into a prosperous space. Thug Life Token intends to provide a second chance for those who have been played by their favorite influencers when trying to hustle in the degen crypto market, helping to turn prior losses into major wins.

This project is tipped to provide at least 20x returns for early adopters. It is causing a stir because it’s using a novel presale mechanism where everybody is investing on a level playing field. Instead of multiple price points, investors in the $THUG token will purchase it during one presale stage – selling the token for $0.0007. The team believes this should act as an incentive for long-term holding, helping the market cap grow once it hits decentralized exchanges.

In addition, the liquidity pool will also be locked by Team Finance for three months, replicating the steps from the PEPE 2.0 team.

The project has a hard cap of just above $2 million, meaning only a few investors will have the pleasure of investing at presale prices. Based on the presale price and total supply, the Thug Life Token market cap will begin at $2.94 million – setting the stage for enormous growth potential. For example, if the token hits a $30 million market cap after launch, this would provide more than 10x returns for those brave enough to invest during the presale.

Overall, Thug Life Token plans on building a strong and united community to rally behind the token and take it to exceptional heights. The combination of humor, memes, and decentralized finance has been a strong success recipe for memecoins, and Thug Life Token has already adopted these principles with the addition of brotherhood and the shared struggle of hustling in the Web3 world. 

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