New ICO Presale Activity Explodes: Golden Inu Yields May Reach +10,000% Besting Bitcoin, Pepe, Doge

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Bitcoin is the oldest and most established cryptocurrency of all-time.  Those who invested in the foundational cryptocurrency in its early stages, back in 2009, are likely now millionaires.

And while yield options in 2023 aren’t the same as those Initial Coin Offering yields,  the coin continues to earn.  Nonetheless however, this month a lot of $BTC holders are joining $DOGE & $SHIB meme token traders by migrating to a new ICO presale which has unrivaled ROI potential.

Golden Inu, a new ERC-20 token, has reached the second stage of their ICO presale.  The first round,  which had a fundraising goal of 40 Ethereum [$ETH],  was closed out two days ago.  Of the available first round tokens, which sold at the lowest rate of 4 rounds, 80% of that available stock was sold in the last 4 days. 

The total raised in the first round of the erc-20 token’s Initial Coin offering presale was approximately US$66,000.   This number, of course, fluctuates with the price of the Ethereum token.

Why The ICO Presale Increased 1500% Overnight

Purchases of the presold cryptocurrency have increased by over +1500% in the last week.    The reason for this leap, the “$Golden Inuverse” play-to-earn crypto game has been confirmed and official website landing page launched.

An image was ‘leaked’ to investors just over one week ago, which has since gone viral on reddit p2e gaming communities.   Soon after,  the Golden Inu token presale, sold all tokens available for its first round.

The reason for the heavy presale buying activity is likely connected to the historical data of how  play-to-earn games affect token values.    The $Golden Inuverse crypto game is rumored to be allowing the first 1,111 registrants to their game free accounts.   Those initial user’s gaming activity will likely boost trade volume of this new token by ~10% per player.   

That increased trading volume should boost the token’s ranking on coin indexes like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and Coinbase.  These are sites that host millions of users monthly, and the trickle-down effects of higher trade volume ranking, usually compounds token sales and trading volume even further.

$Golden Inuverse, new play-to-earn game
$Golden Inuverse, new play-to-earn game

The end result of such activity in almost all cases of cryptos, in layman’s terms,  is a boost of token value.  

The increase of value of the $Golden token could be as high as +10,000%.  

$Pepe Meme Coin Yielded +8000% but $Golden Will Yield More

This yield would slightly outdo the recent cryptomoonshot meme token, Pepe.   The viral character themed token grew by as high as +8,000 percent just last month.

However, the grand difference between Pepe [$Pepe] and Golden Inu is utility.    The $Golden token will be required to be in the wallet of the new p2e game’s players, a cross-chain swap technology, and a Decentralized Crypto Exchange.     

Pepe token had no actual product for users to actually make use of the coin. It was simply a new meme token with hype.  The founder of the token is unknown nor did AssureDefi verify the brand.

Golden Inu Token on the other hand, has a KYC verified founder and has been certified legitimate by AssureDefi.

For now however, the Golden Inu token is still in its infant stages, an Initial Coin Offering presale.  Nicknamed the “Shiba Inu Killer,” if the coin’s presale has a growth similar to the $SHIB token, which is also on the Ethereum blockchain, it could possibly go higher than +10,000% long-term.   The Shiba Inu coin saw +15,000,000% around 10 months after it was placed on its first public exchange.

Golden Inu has similar branding but more cryptocurrency products to offer users.   Its branding value is increasing along with brand equity, throughout the presale,  which is a positive variable effect for the $Golden token’s future price.

Fast, Short Term Yields From Uniswap Listing

The current fundraising cycle, 2nd round of the new ICO, is allowing users to buy $Golden tokens at a rate 5% higher than the first round.   The token will be listed on the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap for +20% higher than the current prevalue.     This means second round investors will gain a +20% return on investment immediately on the $Golden token’s  listing day. 

Waiting for future presale rounds, investors will enjoy fast yields as well.  However, third round investors will gain +15% on listing day and the fourth round, only  +10%.   

The Golden Inu erc-20 token is exclusively offered via and the brand’s play-to-earn game summary was just released in an official blog [read here].

There is no minimum required to buy into the Golden Inu presale.   The maximum allowed is 2 $ETH (approximately US$3,330). This new Initial Coin Offering offer will close once crypto investors have purchased 200 $ETH worth of $Golden [erc-20] tokens.

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