New ERC-20 Token’s Presale Could Turn 1 $ETH Token Investment Into $19,150 Before 2024

Golden Inu’s developer’s launched the presale for their new ERC-20 token weeks ago.  The Initial Coin Offering raised over US$70,000 last week alone and rises daily. 

With most investors being crypto shrimps and ‘mini whales,’ the reason crypto traders are flocking to the ethereum-blockchain based cryptocurrency is simple.  The returns will be high if one thing happens — Golden Inu successfully launched a trifecta of crypto products.

Initial Yields From Uniswap DEX Listing (+25%)

The first profit for investors in this erc-20’s ICO presale will be the listing on Uniswap.   The $Golden token will launch on the decentralized crypto exchange [DEX] in 15 days.   The price has been preset to , this gives ICO investors from the 1st round +25% gains immediately on Uniswap listing day.

Those who invest in later rounds lose some of the potential gains from their delay. However, there is money to be made for all those that participate in this initial coin offering presale.

Second round investors will gain +20% yields.  Third round investors stand to gain +15% on their investments.  And 4th (final) round investors will get +10% yields.  

On Uniswap traders will invest into Golden Inu by trading in Ethereum coins at a rate of 100,000,000,000,000 [quadrillion] $Golden per 1 $ETH.

Currently, in the second round, Crypto investors get 120,000,000,000,000 $Golden per 1 Ethereum [$ETH]  coin.

These are fast yields that are certain. However, it’s far from the end of the journey to the moon the Golden Inu token is expected to have..

Secondary ROI Yields From New Traders on Uniswap (+700%)

The next gain is expected to come from new traders discovering the new ethereum-blockchain based token on Uniswap.  Golden Inu will be listed on the popular Decentralized Crypto Exchange [DEX] as its principal trading post.   After that, as volume increases it’s likely to be considered for, Binance, KuCoin, or others.

If not aware, Uniswap is one of the top Decentralized Exchanges in the world.    It smashed records in May of 2023, with 30-Million users recorded to have used the Ethereum Blockchain network from their exchange. On one day, 1-million users were active on the Ethereum network via Uniswap, also breaking a ‘best day’ record.

For Golden Inu, this is great news because all of those 30 million Uniswap users will have the ability to buy, sell, and trade the $Golden token.   If the new erc-20 token reaches the high rankings on the ‘most actively traded’ lists of the DEX, it will be visible to millions of Ethereum wallet hodlers, wanting and willing to learn about what Golden Inu has to offer.

New Crypto Apps Reliant On $Golden Will Spike Token Value For 3rd Wave (+5000% to +10,000%)

What’s likely to catch the interests of those who search, the new crypto applications and games being released by the “Shiba Inu Killers.”    Not only that, but Uniswap investors together with the actual users of the new crypto product, will be the reason the $GOLDEN token reaches a new all-time high.

The new play-to-earn game, $Golden Inuverse, just began accepting player registrations via the official site.  Though the game has some time before it releases [dates here], the first & completely free player accounts are limited.   It’s expected 1,111 will register nearly immediately to gain access to the ‘play-to-earn’ crypto game, where playing is rewarded by $Golden tokens.

The activity of these thousands of gamers will increase trading volume of the $Golden token across all coin indexes and Uniswap.    This boost of activity will also increase the Golden Inu token’s rankings on Uniswaps list of “most traded tokens.”   The end results of being on this list — major branding value in the crypto world.    Possibly millions of Ethereum wallet holders will then see “Golden inu token” and its game.

In layman’s terms, the process will have a compounding positive effect on token value.

The token is expected to see between +5000% and +10,000% yields from the trading activity of these new audiences.   

Higher yields are possible. When compared to its top rivals, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin,  these return percentages look to be low-balling Golden Inu. Both of those top meme coins did over +5,000,000% yields with no crypto product to offer users, just grassroots marketing and mainstream mentions.

HODL Your $Golden For The 4th Wave, A New Crypto Exchange

Golden Inu token’s developers on the other hand appear to be hellbent on delivering $Golden-reliant crypto products that can be popularized.  

After the Play-2-Earn game, 2 more applications are expected to be released.  A Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange [DEX] of their own will be developed according to the Golden Inu Dashboard app.

This DEX will first target Latin America’s biggest countries, in hopes to help alleviate the fees of global money transfers.   Hundreds of thousands of users are expected to join the exchange once launched.

The unique features of the DEX is it will likely have lesser ETH-gas fees than competitors and  it will also have a cross-chain swapping capability.  The bridging of blockchains will be done by either on-ramping tech or an Atomic swap service.

All transactions of the DEX that involve cross-chain token exchanges will rely on the $Golden tokens to complete the trade.  This will again spike the daily trading volumes of the Golden Inu token, likely leading to an increased token value.

The release date for this Decentralized exchange has not been made public but is expected to be towards the end of 2023 or early 2024.  Traders looking to maximize the return on investment from the presale prices, will need to HODL their tokens long term to see ultimate reward.

The Golden Inu DEX will be highly reliant on the $Golden, erc20 token, now in its initial coin offering phase.

Other crypto products have also been mentioned by Golden inu token developers. Nonetheless,  these two alone are enough to make early investors a fortune from a small investment.   

Analyzation and comparison leave crypto traders to predict the new ERC-20 token could turn 1 $ETH investments into a value of US$19,150 with ease.   And in the case that the ‘$Golden Inuverse’ play-to-earn game or the Golden Inu Decentralized Exchange explode in popularity , the yields could be 100x higher

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