New Era of BFG Starts – Join the $800,000 Crypto Rush on BetFury

BFG is the native currency of the BetFury. Platform users mined the last BFG token recently. Hence, in honor of the end of BFG Mining, BetFury is holding a grand Crypto Rush event with the $800,000 prize pool. The event starts on the 21st of June and consists of many profitable activities.

Crypto Rush for $800,000

Crypto Rush is a huge event dedicated to chasing BFGs after the end of Mining. The total prize pool is 50,000,000 BFG (about $800,000). The main activities are three themed Battles with a prize pool of $450,000 and 60 000 Free Spins and the final Grand Lottery for $100,000.

To win the Lottery, you need to collect Gold Tickets to participate. Receive them by doing a Daily Check-in, inviting friends, completing deposit, and wagering goals (iGaming and Sports). The more Gold Tickets you collect, the higher your chances of winning.

If you don’t have a BetFury account, sign up for a Welcome Pack with bonuses. They will help you join iGaming and easily receive Gold Tickets. Sign up to get up to 1000 Free Spins and $3500.

Therefore, along with thematic entertainment, Crypto Rush allows you to get a lot of BFG tokens. This cryptocurrency has strong potential and may soon increase in value due to exclusivity and limited supply. Thus, investing in BFG and participating in Crypto Rush is a great way to make money from tokens in the future.

BFG native token was launched on BSC (BEP-20) and certified by Certik. The total number of BFG token holders has passed the 66 000 mark, and there are currently around 3.4 billion BFG in circulation. The token has become universal due to many utilities, such as Staking, iGaming, and trading on top exchanges.

The most convenient and profitable way to use BFG is BetFury Staking. Everyone can receive passive income with only 100 BFG on balance, and Staking APY can reach 50%. Staking payouts are paid out in BFG or five major currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, and TRX. Besides, an absolute plus is the unlimited withdrawal of funds (the reward is paid every 24 hours) and the ability to calculate your income using the Staking calculator.

About BetFury

BetFury is an ecosystem of crypto products that has been developing on the market for over three years. 

In addition to the profitable use of BFG and holding huge events, the BetFury platform offers users unique bonuses, such as up to 25% Cashback. Loyal users from Rank 10 are invited to the VIP club, which gives additional privileges, early access to new games, and a personal VIP manager. The platform also has 24/7 customer support to help you with any issue.

In conclusion, BetFury and the BFG token have a great future ahead. Modern trends, successful partnerships, and the constant expansion of the loyal community will take this platform to the next level. 

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