New Decentralized Crypto Exchange (DEX) To Be Launched By Golden Inu

A New Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange  (DEX) will be released by the Golden Inu token.  The news was first announced via twitter before an official public announcement was published on international tech news site, Digital Journal.

  • Adam Perreira

The launch of the new DEX will follow the culmination of Golden Inu’s ERC20 token presale and listing for public trade.   Upon launch of the exchange, users of the ecosystem will have the ability to swap Binance-chain with Ethereum blockchain cryptocurrencies with lower, possibly ‘no’ transaction fees. 

Creating New Crypto Products

This would be the 4th innovation in the crypto space from Golden Inu if the “$Golden Bazaar” marketplace application launches first.   Two apps have already been launched in the last 60 days:

  1. $Golden Quest – A job platform, this was a partnered project with QuestN developers.  

    On the Daily Quest, Golden Inu ecosystem members can earn money from their trade skills.  Marketing, graphic design, programming, and other job opportunities have been listed since its launch in late February.   Over 100 professionals have applied and joined this platform of the Golden Inu ecosystem.
  2. $Golden Dashboard – a data simplification app, this was created to build token culture and help build proper cryptocurrency trading habits.   It provides vital crypto tokenomics data in a layman’s format both novice and expert cryptocurrency investors can understand with ease.

    In the last 5 days, Golden Inu reports over 2500 users logged into the Dashboard App.

Investors Buying Over US$1,000 $Golden Daily In Initial Coin Offering 

Currently, the expansion of the $Golden token into the Ethereum Blockchain is still in the pre-ICO [initial coin offering] stage.  A presale was launched via the official website, just before the crypto exchange news broke.

Investors have already begun staking claims of the new ERC20 token via the presale page.  To date, just under US$5,000 worth of tokens was purchased by crypto traders looking for listing day yields. This means a daily average of over US$1,000 is being invested by cryptocurrency holders daily.  

However, this is still the early stages of the first funding round. The available $Golden [erc20] tokens are expected to be annexed by traders within the next 14 days. Upon being listed on a public crypto exchange, buyers will reap an immediate +25% yield on investment.

Golden Inu’s New Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

The purpose of the presale is to allow Golden Inu token to expand its digital product offerings within the crypto, web3, NFT, and metaverse communities.    Also to improve upon current utilities to allow $Golden holders various advantages in the future of crypto commerce and trading.

The first of these developments from Golden Inu’s Ethereum-blockchain branch of the crypto brand will be a new Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange.  

A tweet indicated the DEX will be named ‘Golden Inu Exchange.’ 

How $Golden Token Will Be Used On Decentralized Crypto Exchange

If follow suit of Crypto Exchanges like or KuCoin, the new DEX will likely use the $Golden token as a standard of transfer.   In layman’s terms, the token will be mandatory to swap tokens.   Perhaps it could even be used for transactions done by credit card, if the brand launches a charge card option for users.

The details of the exchange and how the $Golden token will be of value to it are all theoretical at this point however.    

Next Project To Launch

The cryptocurrency marketplace, $Golden Bazaar, is the next project likely to be launched by Golden Inu.     The platform will allow online retailers and customers to complete transactions for goods and services.  

The project is expected to be visible or fully-functional, in beta stage, by the 4th Quarter of 2023.

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