$NEO and $KAS Quietly Pumping as $GFOX Steals Memecoin Spotlight

$NEO and $KAS are proving to be among the best cryptos to invest in presently, despite getting little attention in the crypto media. The altcoins have impressed with their positive price actions of late and could turn out to be profitable portfolio additions. Galaxy Fox is another altcoin with a similarly impressive display. The new meme coin is enjoying the spotlight on presale as top investors put faith in it. $GFOX is expected to boom next, with all indications pointing in that direction. We take a deep insight into these altcoins. 

Galaxy Fox: $GFOX Presale Entrants Target High-margin Profit 

$GFOX is presently at its most profitable stage per analysis. The meme has its initial coin offering (ICO) and has been incredible since its commencement. Experts have described ICOs as a point of lower-risk exposure and high-profit potential. Hence, committing to $GFOX now will be rewarding in the long run. The meme coin is expected to go through ten presale stages before launching on centralized exchanges. $GFOX has completed six of the expected stages, and its 7th stage is fast-selling out. 

The meme coin’s presale progress has brought much attention, putting it under the spotlight. Market observers believe it’s the next big thing in the meme ecosystem. Hence, committing to it early is both smart and rewarding. $GFOX will have the meme appeal that will enable it to compete and thrive in the meme ecosystem. It will equally have GameFi features, allowing it to rival top game tokens like The Sandbox ($SAND), Axie Infinity ($AXS), Gala ($GALA), and others. 

$GFOX’s huge potential makes it one of the best cryptos to invest in. The presale token has promising prospects, and proactive investors are taking advantage of this. Galaxy Fox presale is still ongoing, and investors eyeing long-term profit can get it by committing to the presale now. 

$NEO Eyes Impressive End to Q1 Despite Slow Start 

$NEO aims to yield good returns for investors in the coming months. The altcoin’s run has been relatively impressive but could improve months from now. $NEO has shown low volatility in the last 30 days, consolidating its price level around $12.00 – $15.00. The altcoins have a $15.57 year-high and look on hand to surge beyond that soon. 

$NEO currently enjoys support around the $12.00 price zone and faces great resistance around $14.80 and beyond. The altcoin has been unable to ascend towards its $20.00 target since, but analysts expect progress towards Q1’s end. $NEO surged from a $6.00+ market price to $15+  in the previous year, doing over 70% throughout the year. The altcoin may improve on this run soon as the bull market draws nearer. 

Keeping faith in $NEO could bring unexpected rewards, making it a worthy token to take chances on. Its addition to your portfolio may yield good rewards, even though $GFOX looks more rewarding. 

Low-price $KAS Sees Recovery Run 

$KAS was a top gainer in the previous year, with over 1700% all-year gain. The altcoin improved many holders’ net worth as it rallied to the $0.1+ price zone from an extremely low $0.000183 initial price. However, despite the impressive year-round run, the altcoin didn’t end the year on a positive note. 

The declining run since the previous year has now extended to the new year, but the altcoin shows signs of gradual improvement. $KAS started the current week around $0.108 before surging towards $0.128, pumping over 4%. However, at the time of writing, the promising surge has declined, and the altcoin trades around $0.11. 

Market analysts believe $KAS maintaining a similar price range over time highlights its reduced loss potential. The altcoin is worthy of attention, as it has shown how profitable it can be. Risk-taking investors hoping to take chances on $KAS have a high possibility of enjoying a high yield. The altcoin is looking for a high percentage price pump again, making it one of the best cryptos to invest in now. 


Crypto investors looking to make a profit from their commitment must consider crypto purchases with profit-yielding potential. $KAS and $NEO are good choices at the moment, but $GFOX seems better. The new meme coin is taking the market by storm. You can position yourself for the profitability that comes with that by joining the presale.  Join the presale now:

Learn more about Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) here:

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