Near Protocol (NEAR) and Kaspa (KAS) Prices Continue Surging, Pullix (PLX) Set for BitMart Listing

In what is turning out to be the beginning of the bull market, some crypto coins have begun to pump. Near Protocol (NEAR) and Kaspa (KAS) are experiencing an uptrend and are projected to continue the bullish pattern till the end of the bull market. Meanwhile, after completing the 7th Stage of the presale, Pullix (PLX) has entered the final stage. The PLX is also set for listing on the popular crypto exchange, BitMart with analysts picking the token as one of the best DeFi coins in the crypto sphere currently. 

Pullix (PLX) Continues Giant Strides, Set for BitMart Listing

With Near Protocol and Kaspa already showing a glimpse of what is to come in the bull run, Pullix has attained another milestone in its quest to become a top crypto project. Having been listed earlier on CoinGecko, Pullix is now set to be listed on BitMart, securing its status as the pioneer innovator of a hybrid trading platform.

Pullix solves the issues of low liquidity and high charges being experienced by investors on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. It brings the idea of a hybrid system with strong liquidity and low charges on transactions. Particularly, Pullix is a non-custodial exchange where investors are the sole controller of their assets without needing intermediaries. As a result of these unique qualities, Pullix has been making waves in the crypto industry since the presale started.

The Pullix platform has witnessed over 18,000 participants in the ongoing presale, with close to $7 million raised. Over 100 million PLX tokens have been sold. The platform’s native token, PLX, an ERC20 token, has increased in price as the presale enters the last stage. Investors can purchase the PLX token now for just $0.14. Analysts have projected over 35x return when the project is launched. Those who joined the project early have enjoyed over 250% ROI, with more to come as the token is listed on more Tier 1 exchanges. 

In the last few days, investors can earn from the platform profit share model, in which token holders earn a fixed daily percentage from the platform revenue. At the end of the presale, all non purchased tokens will be burnt to stabilize the price. With Bitcoin halving and the anticipated return of the bull market, analysts view Pullix as one of the best DeFi coins and predict the price will rally by 100x in the next few months.

Near Protocol (NEAR) Spring a Surprise, Jumps By 17% in One Month 

Near Protocol (NEAR) has picked up the momentum it started in late 2023 as the token continues the bull’s dominance. In the 90-day trading charts, Near Protocol price has gone up by 29%, with the monthly chart showing a 17% increase based on data from CoinMarketCap.

A further look at the Near Protocol trading charts shows that the Fear and Greed Index is at a healthy 72 (Greed) and the token market sentiment tends towards 77% bullishness. Analysts believe that if Near Protocol can maintain this trajectory, the token price could reach $5 before the end of the month.

Kaspa (KAS) Bullish, Set New All-Time Record

After an unimpressive performance in December 2023, Kaspa (KAS) has begun to fly as the token continues its redemption to the bull market. Kaspa has witnessed an impressive 69% rally in the past month and a further 26% in the past week.

This development has resulted in Kaspa setting a new all-time record of $0.17. The activity of the buyers has been visible in the last few weeks as the token intends to stabilize at the $0.17 resistance level. If the bulls continue this recovery, analysts expect the Kaspa price to reach as high as $0.5 when the bull market begins.

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