Morgan Stanley Sees Bullish Crypto Signs on the Horizon; Zilliqa and InQubeta’s Ascent to Top 50

On Tuesday, Morgan Stanley, a prominent investment firm, predicted a new bull run in the cryptocurrency market. The Morgan Stanley Wealth Management report discussed the four-year cycle of Bitcoin’s (BTC) prices and indicated that a crypto spring is imminent, ending the ongoing crypto winter.

Following the anticipated bull run, InQubeta ($QUBE) and Zilliqa ($ZIL) are anticipated to ascend to the top 50 cryptos. InQubeta is an artificial intelligence (AI) crypto project that helps investors contribute to the growth of AI startups. The project pioneers the revolution of investment solutions by leveraging its trending NFT marketplace (non-fungible tokens) on the platform. The Zilliqa project ensures secure scalability in an open and permissionless network.

This article discusses InQubeta and Zilliqa’s ascent to the top 50 as Morgan Stanley sees bullish crypto signs on the horizon.

InQubeta ($QUBE): The DeFi AI Project Promoting The Advancement Of Technology

InQubeta is the cryptocurrency that has solidified its position among the best cryptos to buy now because of its novel technology. The project is a crowdfunding platform allowing AI startups to generate capital through fractional investments. The fractional investment protocol is affordable and accessible to many investors. This system bridges the gap between the exclusive world of AI investment and interested prospects. InQubeta’s distinct offering is why this top ICO token, QUBE, will ascend to the top 50. 

The $QUBE presale is in progress and has raised over $3.8 million in funding. The ten-staged presale is a resounding success, with over 414 million tokens sold. Currently, the $QUBE token is $0.0133 at stage four, and with more than 86% of the tokens sold, the project will soon advance to stage five. This top ICO’s monumental presale performance indicates the project’s appeal to institutional investors.

InQubeta’s trending NFT marketplace is the highlight of the project’s features. The marketplace is where these startups display their equity-based assets to attract investors. The platform rigorously screens these startups before listing them on the NFT marketplace. InQubeta also helps investors make informed decisions by offering valuable resources. The marketplace’s interdependent system brings investors and startups together, making it one of the best cryptos to buy now for bullish traders.

Zilliqa ($ZIL): Preserving Scalability And Security For Investment 

Zilliqa is an innovative project providing secure and scalable decentralized applications (DApps) solutions. The project drew the crypto community’s attention with its advanced Metapolis metaverse, significantly increasing its value. $ZIL is the first blockchain with a sharding-based protocol, which may soon see it among the top 50 crypto projects.

The $ZIL project is an environmentally friendly asset with low-cost, effective, and reliable features. The project enforces staking, rewards, transactions, and yield farming on the network. Zilliqa users can generate income via staking and yield farming on the open blockchain. The project is the best DeFi project because it hosts many decentralized applications to foster a DeFi boom and attract global investors.


Morgan Stanley’s market prediction of a price turnaround has excited investors as the Bitcoin halving event approaches. By referencing $BTC’s four cycles, Morgan claimed that the bearish conditions would soon end. InQubeta and Zilliqa are two projects with the potential to ascend to the top 50.These two projects display uniqueness and prospects, making it easy for investors looking for long-term projects to identify them.

InQubeta is the best DeFi project because of its passion for solving the problems facing traditional investment methods. The project uses smart contracts, blockchain, and artificial intelligence to provide a seamless and democratic ecosystem. Leverage the InQubeta presale to get the token at a lower price and benefit from being an early backer.

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