More Bad News for Cosmos & Polkadot Price? Domini ($DOMI) Set to Spike 20x

Cosmos ($ATOM) showed bearish action in the days leading up to August 31, 2023. Polkadot ($DOT) bucked the trend with a modest rise during the same period. As these coins compete for supremacy, Domini ($DOMI) emerges as a solid crypto to buy with its ongoing presale.

But before we delve deeper into Domini’s winning trajectory, let’s take a closer look at Cosmos ($ATOM) and Polkadot ($DOT) to determine the best crypto to invest in.


Cosmos Upgrade Fails to Ignite Bull Run

On August 11, 2023, Cosmos ($ATOM) revealed that its Cosmos Hub will undergo a v11 upgrade to bring several new features to its existing blockchain. Experts predicted the news might inspire positive price movement for $ATOM in the coming days.

But the price fell short of expectations, despite predictions. Between August 11 and 31, 2023, $ATOM fell by 14.3% from $8.406 to $7.201. This downtrend was accompanied by a similar 13.8% decrease in market cap from $2.9 billion to $2.5 billion over the same time.

Analysts might attribute the price decline to prevailing uncertainty and the overall market downturn initiated around August 17. In addition to this recent downtick, Cosmos’ EMA 10 and SMA 10 levels also signaled a potential for further bearish movement as of August 31.

Interestingly, Polkadot ($DOT) is showing some signs of strength.

$DOT Sees Modest Rise Ahead of Voting Event

On August 29, 2023, Polkadot announced that it would hold a voting event for registering $DOT as an asset on the Kusama Asset Hub. Some analysts predicted a bullish response based on hype around the announcement.  .

Those predictions proved true as Polkadot showed a modest upsurge. Between August 29 and 31, 2023, Polkadot ($DOT) appreciated by 1.6% from $4.475 to $4.548. The uptrend was accompanied by a similar 3.6% increase in market cap from $5.5 billion to $5.7 billion. 

Yet despite some bullish movement, $DOT still remains volatile. As of August 31, its EMA 20 and HMA 9 levels indicated an oncoming bearish movement. Analysts see this as a signal that the coin might enter bearish territory in the coming days.

While Polkadot ($DOT) struggles to maintain bullish momentum, Domini ($DOMI) is set to grow remarkably.

Domini ($DOMI) Set to Reward Investors with Massive Gains As Presale Continues 

Domini ($DOMI) is an innovative art marketplace democratizing access to high-end blue-chip art by leveraging blockchain and fractionalization. It bridges the gap between traditional art and finance by enabling investors to access a wide variety of art at a fraction of the cost. 

Domini ($DOMI) enables its investors to diversify their portfolios by exploring different art categories in its marketplace. In addition to this, Domini allows investors to profit substantially by listing their own stakes in artworks for sale on Domini’s marketplace.

Besides offering lucrative investment opportunities, Domini also ensures the security of its marketplace by implementing stringent authenticity checks on artworks. Apart from these checks, Domini further secures investors by tokenizing their artworks as NFTs to buy. 

This helps foster trust in the community and provides an immutable record of the asset’s ownership. This is part of why $DOMI is set to deliver substantial gains during its presale.

If you invest in $DOMI now, you stand to gain from a staggering 340% surge from $0.0035 to $0.0154 during the presale alone. Furthermore, if you want the maximum returns on your investments, use promo code “DOMI10” to get a 10% bonus on Domini.

Learn more about $DOMI here:

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