Moonshot Coins: Can These Five Projects Skyrocket When They Hit Exchanges?

As traders start to take profit after the recent Bitcoin price hikes, experts are starting to suggest that some of these funds will finally trickle into the altcoin market. 

It’s already starting, with coins like Ripple ($XRP) and Stellar ($XLM) surging 70% this week, Synthetix Network ($SNX) up by 45% over the fortnight, and Chainlink ($LINK) up by 58% this month.

However, many traders are looking for considerably higher gains than what we’ve seen as they search for moonshot coins with the potential to provide enormous returns with smaller investments.

We’ve found five projects that are expected to skyrocket when they hit exchanges, all capable of producing 20x-100x returns for early adopters. 

An Overview of the Coins Expected to Skyrocket After Hitting Tier-1 Exchanges

  1. Wall Street Memes – $16.5 Million Raised With 40 Million Monthly Meme Impressions
  2. Burn Kenny – A South Park-based Meme Touted for 10x Returns This Week
  3. Evil Pepe – A New Pepe Clone Allowing Traders to Embrace Their Dark Side
  4. BTC20 – Rewinding the Clocks Back to April 2011 When BTC Was Just $1
  5. yPredict – A Groundbreaking AI-Powered Research and Analytics Platform

Wall Street Memes – $16.5 Million Raised With 40 Million Monthly Meme Impressions

The first project touted as the next 100x coin has already captured the entire industry’s attention after raising over $16.5 million in its presale.

Wall Street Memes is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after projects in the meme coin sector due to its unique blend of internet culture, meme-based humor, and cult-like community.

The project is on a mission to mock the greedy capitalists on Wall Street through a series of hilarious memes on social media.

The memes have already gained a strong reputation after generating over 40 million monthly impressions.

The impactful meaning behind the memes also caught the attention of Elon Musk, who’s been commenting on them for quite some time;

His interest in the project has allowed the project to amass an enormous cult-like community of over 1.1 million followers.

This colossal following has experts believing that $WSM is almost guaranteed a major tier-1 centralized exchange listing after its presale, with Binance or OKX being the top candidates.

Furthermore, investors are confident in the community-driven project as the entire supply is dedicated to the community.

Half of the total supply is sold in the presale, with the other half reserved for adding liquidity to major exchanges and providing community rewards.

Analysts are quickly sharing their predictions on the project, with CryptoWendy0, a YouTuber with over 100,000 subscribers, predicting it to be at the forefront of the next bull run.

Overall, Wall Street Memes has the perfect balance of hype and FOMO to turn it into the next meme coin sensation on the market and provide early adopters 100x returns.

However, with less than a third of the presale supply remaining, investors don’t have too long to get positioned in this enormous project.

Burn Kenny – A South Park-based Meme Touted for 10x Returns This Week

Another token with a potential 10x moonshot is Burn Kenny, a new meme coin with an immensely hyped presale and the official DEX launch coming this week.

Burn Kenny is based around a beloved South Park character of the same name, who constantly dies in every episode of the legendary show.

Now, $KENNY is turning that character into a meme coin, which has already generated considerable FOMO in its presale due to its unique theme and deflationary tokenomics.

The project seeks to follow the footsteps of the South Park meme coin theme, which saw Mr. Hankey Coin producing 3x returns for early adopters.

Experts are tipping $KENNY with a 10x potential due to its integrated deflationary mechanism, which will burn 30% of the supply in its first three days.

Described as the most irreverent crypto you’ll ever own, $KENNY wants to create hilarious volatility through its burning mechanism.

Token burns always result in enormous price surges as it reduces the circulating supply on the market, making the token scarce.

As a result, experts are tipping $KENNY with 10x potential once it hits exchanges next week;

It’s even captured the attention of a huge caller group – Crypto Whale Pumps – which has over 23,000 members;

$KENNY will burn 10% of its supply for three days, removing 30% overall.

With a total supply of 6,666,666,666 tokens, this means almost two billion $KENNY will be burnt gradually over the three days.

40% of the supply was sold to investors in the presale, and the remaining 30% will be locked in the liquidity pool.

The act of locking the liquidity provides a secure trading environment where investors know the team can’t run the project on everybody.

Overall, with the DEX launch scheduled for Monday (July 24), you’ll need to quickly get invested in the first few hours to take complete advantage of the 10x price surge.

Follow the social media accounts to find the exact time it’s expected to launch.

Evil Pepe – A New Pepe Clone Allowing Traders to Embrace Their Dark Side

Evil Pepe is another project expected to skyrocket when it hits exchanges later this month.

$EVILPEPE is a new pepe clone meme coin touted for 10x returns, allowing traders to embrace their dark side.

The project wants to mirror the price performance of other Pepe derivatives that have stormed onto the market and provide 10x-30x returns for early buyers.

To achieve this, Evil Pepe has crafted a unique presale and has a planned marketing campaign when the fundraising is complete.

Evil Pepe represents the mischievous side of the meme coin game.

He’s that voice whispering in your ear to ape into the next rug-pull project, even when you know you shouldn’t be doing it.

Evil Pepe is driving everybody’s shitcoin trading decisions and is working his magic again as he convinces you to buy his token before it hits DEXs and skyrockets.

Regardless of his evil nature, Evil Pepe isn’t a scammer and wants to provide a fair opportunity for everybody supporting his project.

Therefore, he’s selling 90% of the entire $EVILPEPE supply in his presale for $0.000033.

He’s not even claiming the remaining 10% of the supply. Instead, he’s putting it toward the liquidity pool, which he’s promised to lock through Team Finance to circumvent the temptation to rug-pull on everybody.

With a limited presale hard cap of just $2 million, early adopters of this next Pepe clone are encouraged to position themselves quickly if they want to purchase the token at $0.000033.

After that, $EVILPEPE will hit DEXs and start trending instantly, pushing the price much higher.

BTC20 – Rewinding the Clocks to April 2011 When BTC Was Just $1

Another project that experts believe will provide at least 10x returns when it hits exchanges is BTC20, an ERC-20 version of Bitcoin built on the Ethereum blockchain.

BTC20 is rewinding the clock to April 2011, allowing everybody to invest in Bitcoin when it was priced at just $1 with a 6.05 million circulating supply.

The upgraded version of Bitcoin integrates a unique stake-to-earn ecosystem that analysts believe will create a supply shock on the open market, causing its price to explode.

This is because most of the supply will be locked in the staking contract for rewards, making them unavailable for purchase by newcomers on exchanges.

The staking contract releases $BTC20 tokens in line with the original Bitcoin block reward schedule, and everybody staking $BTC20 can earn a percentage of the rewards.

BTC20 is paying homage to Bitcoin’s history in its presale, selling 6.05 million $BTC20 at $1.

The fundraising is expected to lay the foundation for future development, marketing, and establishing strategic partnerships in the DeFi-enabled version of Bitcoin.

With a total supply of 21 million $BTC20, a minimum of 14.95 $BTC20 will be locked in the staking contract to provide rewards for the next 120 years – meaning the entire supply is reserved for the community.

Overall, $BTC20 provides a unique tokenomics structure designed for an epic pump when it finally hits exchanges.

With just 6.05 million $BTC20 in the presale, early adopters have a limited window to get positioned at the $1 price.

yPredict – A Groundbreaking AI-Powered Research and Analytics Platform

The final moonshot project worth adding to your portfolio is yPredict, a groundbreaking research and analytics platform for traders – entirely powered by artificial intelligence.

yPredict is designed to help traders become consistently profitable through state-of-art insights and analytics built with alternate data to help traders make wise decisions.

The project embodies a series of products that intuitively incorporate the $YPRED token, providing it with immense long-term value for investors.

For example, the yPredict analytics suite helps traders regain their financial edge through a new breed of AI-powered trading tools.

The AI can alert traders about imminent breakouts and new trends through pattern recognition and sentiment analysis, giving them a confidence score on the likelihood of the trade playing out.

Traders must hold a certain amount of $YPRED tokens to access this feature.

The flagship feature of the project is the yPredict Marketplace, which also incorporates the $YPRED token.

This marketplace allows financial developers to list their own price prediction models, which traders can subscribe to monthly.

Traders can browse the highest-performing prediction models and pay for the subscription in $YPRED tokens – creating a results-as-a-service economy.

The best thing is that yPredict isn’t just built for traders. It’s also using its AI technology to create a backlink calculator to help reshape the SEO niche. This product is already available for those holding 5,555 $YPRED tokens.

The platform also hosts a free-to-use market prediction product, a professional-grade trading terminal, and an affordable AI-powered content solution editor.

Overall, even if you’re not interested in the products, yPredict is positioned to become one of the leading players in the AI token sector.

The project has already raised $3 million in its presale, selling the token at $0.1.

With just a total supply of 100 million $YPRED, investors must hurry to invest at presale prices.

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