Rumours Suggest the Arrival of MoonBag on Coinbase Soon, Could It be the End of Meme Coins Shiba Inu and Floki Inu?

Do you know what the aims of meme coins are apart from gaining value and attracting investors? To be listed on popular exchanges so they can be deemed trustworthy. However, most meme coins rarely make it to the big exchanges and die down before gaining recognition from the giants.

With Shiba Inu (SHIB) making it to Coinbase and Floki Inu (FLOKI) rumoured to follow suit soon, meme coin enthusiasts are overjoyed. However, no one can ignore the price fluctuations of the two, and everyone is hoping for a miracle coin to save them. 

At such a time, the MoonBag crypto has emerged as the saviour people had been waiting for. The MoonBag coin offers all that crypto investors can hope for and more. From its promises of high returns to staking and referral rewards, the MoonBag presale is all set to unite people with their long-lost dreams. 

Shiba Inu’s Downward Trajectory Continues Despite Coinbase Adding Support

To the delight of SHIB fans and investors, Coinbase announced that Shiba Inu will join its platform. Coinbase will launch perpetual futures contracts to support meme coins, including Shiba Inu. 

Although this was highly positive news for a meme coin, it failed to stop SHIB’s downward trading trend. In fact, after the news, SHIB declined further in price, losing 3.28% in value. Investors realised the bitter truth that a coin cannot succeed simply by gaining the support of a trading platform. A coin must have a proper foundational background like MoonBag to continue to stand tall, with or without external support. 

Floki Inu All Set to Follow in the Footsteps of SHIB, Can it Be Saved By Coinbase? 

Rumour has it that Floki Inu (FLOKI INU) is also set to join Coinbase, following in the footsteps of the meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB). Coinbase International Exchange added support for FLOKI perpetual futures to prepare the public for the big move. 

FLOKI making it to Coinbase can be a big move for the coin, however, the support for perpetual futures did not have a positive impact on it. After Coinbase International Exchange shared the news, FLOKI suffered losses, further declining by 4.02%. In such bleak circumstances, investors only have hopes of a coin that can withstand the test of time and make it to Coinbase without losing half of its value. 

MoonBag on Coinbase Could be the Ultimate Victory for the Coin After Breaking Records in its Presale

The MoonBag crypto has awed investors by its performance in the presale, racing to raise over $700K in two weeks. The MoonBag presale is set to offer high returns, staking rewards to investors, and future security.

Currently, the MoonBag coin is priced at $0.00013 in the third stage of the presale. At the end of the presale, MoonBag will reach the price of $0.0020, bringing the total ROI of early investors to 9900%. Even those joining the presale can now expect an ROI of 1438.46% at the official launch. 

Once you purchase the MBAG coins, you can start staking immediately. Twenty percent of the raised funds will be set aside for liquidity and used later for buyback and burn events. After the official launch, the burn events will help stabilise the coin’s price. 

Coinbase Listing

Although MoonBag’s future looks all set, there’s also a rumour that the coin will join Coinbase soon upon its launch. Once MoonBag makes it to Coinbase, trading it will become simpler and easier for crypto investors. The price of the MoonBag meme coin is also expected to rise once it makes it to Coinbase. Now is the perfect chance for investors to grab MBAG coins when the price is only $0.00013. 

Conclusion – Secure Your Future with the Right Investment

Crypto investments can be tricky but there are always hints for the sharpminded to notice. Shiba Inu’s and Floki Inu’s past have enough hints to help investors paint a picture of their future.

Although the MoonBag crypto is still new, it has already proven its worth by quickly speeding through the presale. As long as people make informed decisions when investing in crypto and learn to utilise the rumours to their benefit, they won’t end up with losses. 

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