Rumour Has It: MoonBag on Coinbase Is Expected to Surpass Floki Inu and Shiba Inu

One whisper goes a long way, and anything can travel anywhere when the world has a social media presence. In this world of cryptocurrency every other coin is aiming for the next big thing and the investors are always on the run for something better, here, where rumors travel faster than light there has been some gossip evolving around that Floki Inu and Shiba Inu might be facing competition with another breed.

The platform? None other than Coinbase, the well-known cryptocurrency exchange that has led the way in the adoption of cryptocurrencies by the general public.

As SHIB and FLOKI fall out, MoonBag Coin seems to have entered the scene. If the rumours are correct, MoonBag Coin might surpass FLOKI and SHIB because it has a strong foundation. If all this is correct, then MoonBag Coin might be able to give the investors all they desire and more than that, just like a cherry on top. 

Let’s dive in and find out what the rumours are about and if MoonBag coin has what it takes to be the best

FLOKI INU: Whispers Suggest It Is Falling Behind In The Race Of Coinbase

The rumors still circulate in the crypto world that Floki Inu, who was once considered a rising star in the crypto world, is now facing a difficult situation. Since FLOKI joined the coinbase exchange it’s not quite flying high, just like at the beginning when there was a lot of hype, investors were dying to invest but the case seems to be entirely different. Market data shows that since Floki Inu’s Coinbase launch, trading volumes have significantly decreased and investor interest has waned.

SHIB’S Journey On Coinbase May Not Be As Happening As It Seems

Shiba Inu—the cherished meme coin that won over investors worldwide—is scrutinised in the middle of the frenzy around cryptocurrencies. There is a lot of conjecture around its recent listing on the Coinbase exchange, which was widely anticipated. But rumours now abound that Shiba Inu’s Coinbase adventure could not go as well as planned. Since Shiba Inu was listed on Coinbase, market observers have observed a slow drop in the breed’s value, with trade volumes stagnant and community interest declining.

MoonBag on Coinbase: The Hottest Ticket That Burns All In Flames

The MoonBag has reached its 3rd stage in just 24 hours. At the very moment, the price is $0.00013, if the investors have it at the baking stage then very soon the MoonBag will move to the 4th stage with the pricing of $0.00015. That much profit makes it easy to have the whole world on its feet. Early investors have seen the results that are more astounding than a magician’s trick. 

MoonBag: Investing In The Stars

To conclude this story, remember that anything is possible in this frenzied world of cryptocurrency, where memes turn into real money and dreams fly.

One thing is quite certain, regardless of how much knowledge you have about this world, MoonBag coin presale is here to stay and it is fueling up to take its rocket even beyond the stars, nothing is impossible for MoonBag because the ROI, and stability, and liquidity it offers to the investors, none other has that ability.  MoonBag coin is the prime example of what can happen when opportunity meets ingenuity.

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