Monero Investors Lost As Sellers Wreak Havoc, DigiToads Exemplary Performance Sparking Excitement Among Traders

The crypto market is yet to reach peak bull momentum. Some projects have been unable to keep up with the heat, pushing them to the fringes of the crypto market. Monero is one of these candidates, it has yet to unleash its potential this year. 

However, DigiToads (TOADS) remains firm in its longstanding match to stardom. After launch, it targets to rival some top dogs in the crypto space.

DigiToads: Promoting Excitement and Fun via P2E and NFT Staking

DigiToads is a dual-faceted project, pushing the limits early on with the various features it has on offer. The project runs a fully immersive metaverse while driving a meme coin that promises fun and excitement.

The metaverse is multidimensional, meaning various people can concurrently run different activities. One of the most potent regions of the metaverse is P2E, which inspires passive income opportunities in the ecosystem. 

A typical gaming season in the virtual space takes about a month, providing a chance for top gamers to shine. Those leading the leaderboards access various prizes, the core being more TOADS from the prize pools.

While gaming, players benefit from numerous learning opportunities provided by the virtual space, giving room for newbies to shine as they explore the thrills of web3. When inside the metaverse, investors learn to stake their NFTs, nurture TOADS to adulthood, and understand the efforts needed to transact their tokens.

DigiToads runs on a sustainable framework, one that allows money from various activities to fund goals and objectives set in the short and long term. One of those areas is taxation on transactions, and profits to fund projects promising significant returns for the DigiToads projects.

On the democratic front is a liquidity pool, which complements the fundamentals of the DAO. The DigiToads ecosystem runs on a personal choice basis, where a person can come in and out at will. In addition, the DAO holds the DigiToads leadership to account, as with their stake, they can influence the direction of the DigiToads project.

As of this writing, DigiToads has earned more than $6.7 million in presale earnings. The major feat has got something to do with its dual appeal. However, the gain in the value of single TOAD tokens is also an area that inspires the success of the project. On presale launch, a single TOAD went for about $0.01–a figure that has since jumped by 400%. When officially launched on the 21st of August, a single TOAD will be up by 450%.

DigiToads is a project set to last a long time, judging from the token burn feature that is set to automatically take out some tokens. The method will guarantee that TOAD supply does not exceed the existing demand, making exciting tokens valuable and worthwhile to hold for investors.

TOAD NFTs are available to mint on the DigiToads website. The NFTs are also a feature in OpenSea, one of the largest marketplaces around for Digital assets. While they work to bring the root meme to life, they are also formidable assets that promise more passive income to holders.

Monero’s Holders Wreaking Havoc

Monero has put privacy as the core to push its token XMR to the top of the crypto charts. Nonetheless, in the last several weeks the strategy has not worked as expected. The project has witnessed a downtrend following a small uptick in June. Since then a plausible bull run has cooled, and the asset remains in consolidation. 

While hard to predict the future, the coin might see an uptrend at some point before the year closes.

Closing Note

Various crypto projects have been underperforming owing to the negative intrigues of the crypto market that have lasted to date. Monero is one of those coins undergoing stagnation, following a sustained downtick in mid-June. DigiToads, another crypto candidate, is having a successful presale. The project promises numerous passive income points and an arena filled with fun, learning, and entertainment.

Visit DigiToads Presale | Mint DigiToads NFTs Here | Buy DigiToads NFTs on OpenSea | Join the community 

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