Mollars (MOLLARS) Sells 1.5 Million Tokens as Kaspa (KAS) Drops 5% — Don’t Worry Though

Of all cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap today, only 4 are trending in various headlines.    These popular cryptos are Mollars (MOLLARS), Kaspa (KAS), Pixels (PIXEL), and SoHotRN (SOHOT).    Two are up considerably, selling millions of tokens, while the other two have dropped.    

Nonetheless, the two stars of the bunch are Kaspa (KAS) and Mollars (MOLLARS) projects who are predicted to score major yields for early investors thanks to the solutions they offer cryptocurrency as a whole.

Mollars Token Presale Reaches 1.5-Million.

Starting with Mollars (MOLLARS) Token presale, it’s been in several syndicated news headlines published on CoinMarketCap the last few days. Today that activity culminated in the announcement of a powerful milestone of 1.5-million tokens being sold

The goliath amount is not the only positive note for the new store-of-value token.   The project’s developers have also announced they will release a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange shortly after the token gets listed on crypto exchanges.

Mollars is a Bitcoin-alternative for over the holders of 250-million wallets on the Ethereum-Blockchain and the crypto world in general. The slogan “Mollars Saves Dollars” encapsulated the token’s powerful potential, as buy-sell transaction fees for the new SOV token are expected to be 80% less than Bitcoin-blockchain;  the BTC has the worst trading fees of the entire crypto kingdom as of 2023’s end.

With the new ERC-20 token being in its initial coin offering stage, priced at $0.50 each, it’s also the best time for investors looking to make fast ROI yields. Predominantly, cryptocurrency investors predominantly make their biggest gains by investing during the private presale stage.

Like the popular Kaspa token, Mollars total token supply will be listed on the market.  The developers nor the founder will hold tokens for themselves; the creator has labeled it a selfless crypto unlike its rival Bitcoin, who’s holder kept 1-million BTC for himself of the 21-million minted.  A scarce cryptocurrency, only 10-million $Mollas tokens will be minted.

Mollars (MOLLARS) & Kaspa (KAS) Tokens Shining Bright On CoinMarketCap

Kaspa (KAS) Token Sees a 5% drop But Still Surging

The highly popular Kaspa token has fallen to a price of $0.172 today.  This represents about a -4.85% decrease in value over the last 24 hours.   However, the overall value of the cryptocurrency is still in a positive trend.   

Recently listed on Binance according to reports,  this could see an even bigger price pump than the prior 7 days if good news continues. Over the last week, Kaspa has seen a +25% increase in value.

This token is used for its own native mining platform, the Kaspa Network.   The goal of the KAS project is to help data be mined and put into ‘blocks’ for blockchain at a faster rate than current standards.   It’s a PoW cryptocurrency that operates on GHOSTDAG protocol.

Kaspa Halvings happen once per year and 28.7-billion tokens will be minted over time.

In layman’s terms, Kapsa is the fastest and most scalable instant confirmation transaction layer built to date; A Layering solution that will help cryptocurrencies of various brands in general.

$Mollars vs $KAS Predictions for 2024

Both Kaspa and Mollars have been predicted to reach considerably higher prices.  

Mollars will be listed on crypto exchanges for $0.62 [cents] after the ICO stage is completed in May 2024.  That’s a $0.12 [cents] increase from today’s presale price , which is an instant-profit for some investors who trade short term.

However, long term predictions for 2024 are much more outstanding.  The Defi Analyst ‘Ari of CryptoNews’ predicts the new store-of-value token could hit a price of $12 [dollars], a 24x increase. 

The $KAS token on the other hand is predicted to reach $1 [dollar] before the year’s end.  Currently selling at $0.17 [cents] this is nearly a 6x increase in value. Early investors however, will see much bigger gains as they bought the token before it was worth $0.01 [cent] aka a penny.

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