Mollars ICO Passes $900K As BONK Coiners Join SHIB Holder Migration

The migration of Shiba Inu (SHIB) token holders, also known as ShibArmy, has spread to another group of crypto traders.  Surpassing $900,000 in funds raised today, the Mollars token presale now has the attention of the Bonk Inu (BONK) crowd as well.

The trend of particular cryptocurrency groups making mass migrations to their Mollars ICO event has been tracked by various news outlets, including Coingape and Coinpedia.  

Bonk Inu Token Holders Selling $BONK, Buying $MOLLARS

The number of BONK holders migrating over is steadily increasing as of Monday. According to the token presale’s wallet addresses, several of the Top 5 ranked memecoin’s [per trading volume] former holders traded in their holdings to buy Ethereum (ETH) for an immediate purchase of $MOLLARS.

A single ex-SHIB Army cadet, who has purchased a total of nearly $17,2000 [dollars] worth of $MOLLARS presale tokens is being credited as the ‘spark’ to this snowballing mass migration.

Former Bonk Inu token holders that are now following $SHIB traders to the Mollars ICO are likely going for the same reason as many investors — profit potential and token utility. However, it’s not likely many of these traders will sell off their coins as they might with the Inus, if smart.

Why Memecoin Traders Are Buying Mollars Now

Mollars token is unique in comparison to the Inu memecoins.   It’s a store-of-value token like Bitcoin but on a better, cheaper to use blockchain.  The project aims to become a solution,  based on the Ethereum-Blockchain,  for bitcoin-blockchains transaction fee crisis.

Bitcoin has the highest buy-sell transaction fees of the entire crypto industry, according to end of the year analysis reports for 2023. The average trade cost $39, with one trader losing half-a-million dollars on a single swap in September of last year.  And after that shocked the crypto world, it got even worse;  Another trader lost 3.1-million-dollars as a transaction fee for trading Bitcoin.

Mollars token is a ‘solutionary cryptocurrency’ for those seeking a deflationary digital asset like Bitcoin but without the fees. The blockchain it’s based on is expected to cost -80% less than that of Bitcoin. The average buy-sell fee should be somewhere around $7.   

Worst Bitcoin Trading Fees Ever

Goliath Crypto whales like those who lost the $500,000 and $3,100,000, two of Bitcoin’s worst transaction fees ever, will save massive amounts by utilizing Mollars instead;  $MOLLARS over Dollars in fact [MODs].

The deflationary value of Mollars could be potentially higher than Bitcoin as well; There’s only a total token supply [TTS] of 10-million tokens.    This is less than half of the TTS of the $BTC crypto-coin.

Deflationary Asset x Crypto Exchange = Unique Outcome

Adding to the scarcity, the token will be used as a ‘bridge’ for cross-blockchain transactions on the project’s coming crypto-exchange, to be launched on [report]. The founder of Mollars announced they would build a dAPP during the project’s inception; A catalyst for branding value and daily transaction volume.  

The combination of the two, limited supply token that’s natively used by a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, might be a crypto industry first.

Before the announcement of the exchange, Mollars was already predicted to receive, at best, between +2000% and +4400%  [20x-40x] ROI yields.

On listing day, a +24% profit yield is expected for today’s investors at minimum as well; a short term play.  Currently selling for $0.50 cents per token, Mollars will be listed on crypto exchanges for the price of $0.62 in May [2024].   The 12-cent difference is a +24% gain for investors.

These profit yields are a compelling reason for any Shiba Inu or Bonk Inu trader to join the presale.

BONK Coin History & Future

Bonk Inu, though it had an amazing ICO launch, yielding investors over 120% in the first few days.  However, without useful utility the token has stagnated just like Shiba Inu.

Over the last week, Bonk Inu has lost over -2% of its value. Since its peak on December 12th of 2023, it’s lost nearly -50% of its value.   Anyone who invested in Bonk Inu just 3 months ago, may have lost $45 per $100 invested and need a ‘swap’ to cryptocurrency with higher intrinsic value, as it provides utility.  This token could be Mollars.

The trend of $BONK coin holders migrating to the Mollars token presale has helped push the ICO’s totals to nearly $880,000 (USD).  If Shibarmy and Bonkers continue moving into the presale, it’s possible it could reach $1-million-dollars by the end of this week.

Waiting For Next Round Could Lose -50% of Initial Profit Yields

Investors have pre-purchased over 1.64-Million $MOLLARS tokens to date.  The token’s presale price will rise by 5-cents, to $0.55  once ~2.5-million tokens have been sold.  The small increase will decimate nearly 50% of the potential listing day profit yields.  Being ‘late’ to the presale party will drop the initial +24% ROI yields to +12%.

Mollars current top holder, who purchased nearly $17.2K of the bitcoin-alternative during the presale thus far, is expected to gain over $4100 in profits from its crypto exchange listing; Or in simpler terms, $24 per $100 invested.

Bonk Inu (BONK) is far from the issues of Shiba Inu however, as it’s gained nearly +8.5% in value today.  It could have something bigger on the horizon if the project’s founders were to release crypto technology that could lower its 93.5-Trillion (93,000,000,000,000) total token supply.

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