Uniswap, Maker, and Pomerdoge Picked As Top Performing Coins of the Year by Microsoft AI

Uniswap (UNI), Maker (MKR), and Pomerdoge (POMD) – are three standout cryptocurrencies that have caught the attention of Microsoft AI. These coins have demonstrated exceptional growth and resilience and possess unique characteristics that have propelled them to the forefront of the crypto market. Let’s explore all three of these cryptos in further detail. 


  • Uniswap pumps after CRV plunges following exploit 
  • Maker accomplishes another significant milestone
  • Pomerdoge seen as a rising presale sensation

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Uniswap (UNI): The Decentralized Exchange Champion

Uniswap (UNI) has become one of the most prominent decentralized exchanges (DEX) globally. Its automated market-maker mechanism allows users to trade tokens without intermediaries, providing unparalleled decentralization and security. 

In recent Uniswap news, its value soared following a considerable exploit that caused a 20% drop in the CRV price. As a result, the Uniswap price surged by 12.7% in the past week alone. One UNI token trades hands at $6.50 with a market cap of $3.7B, up 1.37% overnight.

Microsoft AI recognizes Uniswap’s immense potential to revolutionize finance by providing users access to numerous tokens. Due to these reasons, many experts forecast a $8.11 price point for Uniswap by December 2023. 

Maker (MKR): On an Upward Trajectory

In the ever-expanding realm of DeFi, Maker (MKR) stands as a trailblazer in issuing stablecoins backed by collateral. As the issuer of the DAI stablecoin, Maker has provided a vital component to the DeFi ecosystem, enabling users to leverage their assets without volatility exposure

Recently, the protocol exceeded its $315,000 daily fees milestone. Thus, the Maker crypto price soared by 21.6% in the last seven days. Currently, the Maker coin has a value of $1,261.94 with a market cap of $1.2B. 

Microsoft AI recognizes Maker’s pivotal role in the DeFi landscape and predicts its continued growth. As a matter of fact, prominent market analysts foresee Maker reaching $1,548.44 within Q4 of 2023. 

Pomerdoge (POMD): The P2E Revolution

As per Microsoft AI, Pomerdoge (POMD) has emerged as the front-runner in the burgeoning world of Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming. This exhilarating new game enables players to earn rewards for their time and skills spent in the virtual world. With a captivating P2E experience, players can build up their characters and take part in epic battles within its arena.

Not only that, Microsoft AI also pointed to the fact that Pomerdoge takes the security of its players’ assets seriously. To clarify, the project has implemented a liquidity lock for life, ensuring the protection of player investments. Additionally, the team’s tokens will be locked for two years, demonstrating a commitment to transparency.

In addition, those who choose to back Pomerdoge during its presale will gain access to a 7,777 NFTs collection. These limited edition NFTs are scheduled to release in August / September. But, the actual benefits of owning an NFT have yet to be discovered, building anticipation among the community and collectors.

The POMD native token is vital for the Pomerdoge project as it gives you access to mouth-watering rewards, NFTs, and unique marketplace items. One POMD token now costs only $0.007; however, not for long. Since the presale is in Phase One, but demand is so high, experts forecast a 17x jump before it finishes. Don’t pass up this future blue-chip token.

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