MetaMask Added Back to App Store Just Hours After Removal

MetaMask, one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets, was briefly removed from the Apple App Store earlier today before being restored within a couple hours.

The sudden removal caused confusion and concern among MetaMask users who rely on the app to manage their digital assets. Details around why MetaMask was taken down have not been made public by either MetaMask or Apple.

This isn’t the first time a major crypto wallet app has been pulled from the App Store. Last year, Trust Wallet was temporarily removed before being reinstated.

Some speculate MetaMask’s removal may have been triggered by an app update that didn’t comply with Apple’s guidelines. Others believe it may have been an Apple policy issue related to cryptocurrencies that was quickly resolved.

Apple has faced criticism in the past from crypto developers over its strict and sometimes opaque App Store policies. Last year, Coinbase had issues getting its wallet app approved.

For now, MetaMask users can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the vital wallet app is back and working normally. But the sudden disappearance highlights the power and uncertainty Apple holds over crypto apps relied on by millions of users.

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Petar Jovanović
Petar Jovanović

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