Memecoins With Momentum: Shib, Bonk & Pepe Still Up; Will Galaxy Fox Join Them?

With new headlines appearing every week sharing stories of overnight meme coin millionaires, everyone is in search of  the best meme coins to buy. Meme coins are an express elevator to wealth, capable of generating returns faster than any other commodity on the planet – especially in the midst of a current crypto bull run. Shiba Inu ($SHIB), Bonk ($BONK), and Pepe Coin ($PEPE) have been clear illustrations, generating some insane profits.

But the name causing the biggest hype on the meme coin horizon now is Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), with a red hot presale and a vast community of $GFOX enthusiasts. So, let’s learn a bit more about the project and why it’s causing such hype in the ecosystem.

$GFOX Raises $1.5M in Presale, Outperforming the Biggest Altcoins

Galaxy Fox is a play-to-earn meme token that turns gaming into a profitable adventure. The project features an engaging and rewarding web3 gaming ecosystem where successful players are rewarded every week with a fair share of the prize pool. It’s also deflationary, with a “token burn” mechanism decreasing its supply over time, potentially boosting its value. 

But Galaxy Fox is also a meme coin with style, adding a fun touch to the crypto scene. It will release 3000 distinct NFTs during its presale phase, marking its entry into the NFT arena with a dedicated marketplace. These digital collectibles, featuring the quirky characters of Galaxy Fox, are up for grabs and can be traded on popular platforms like OpenSea.

In presale, this new ERC20 coin has already raised over $1.5 million and has its sights on $2 million before the end of the year. Looking at its current success pace, $GFOX has the potential to outperform some of the best meme coins to buy, so join in before it goes live, as presale promises some generous price increases throughout its stages.

Will $SHIB, $BONK, and $PEPE Maintain Their Momentum?

Shiba Inu ($SHIB) is often seen as the next big thing after Dogecoin in the memecoin world. It’s been gaining some ground lately, trading at about $0.000010, with a small increase of 1.5% in the past week. Although it’s far from its highest value ever, people are still hopeful about its future. It’s been doing better than many other top cryptocurrencies, which shows it’s quite a liquid option. Big moves in the market, including major players trading large amounts of $SHIB, haven’t hurt its stability.

Bonk is another memecoin that’s been on the rise. It’s jumped by 71% in just a week, now at $0.000018. This spike comes after it got listed on big exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. In the last month, its value has gone up by 300%, and it’s up an amazing 21,000% from its lowest point last December. These big changes have made Bonk one of the stars of 2023 in the crypto world.

Pepe Coin, based on the “Pepe the Frog” meme, has also gained a lot of attention this year. Around 150,000 people now own Pepe Coin, with regular investors holding about 31.2% of its circulating supply. The coin is showing some positive signs, moving up from its previous low points. It’s doing better than both its 50-day and 200-day average values, which is a good sign.

However, it’s important to remember that Pepe Coin was made more for fun than as a serious investment. Its design and structure don’t really support growth in value. While the current excitement around meme coins and a generally positive market mood might help Pepe Coin get more noticed, its lack of practical use could limit its price growth.

Final Takeaway

Galaxy Fox combines deflationary mechanisms, gaming, and community engagement through NFTs and memes, creating a comprehensive crypto experience. It appeals to a wide range of interests, bringing a new and thrilling approach to the crypto sector.

Currently, $GFOX stands out as one of the best meme coins to buy, and its price offers a budget-friendly market entry opportunity to investors. So, Instead of waiting for it to appear on mainstream exchanges, grab this best ICO crypto during the presale. This could be a great chance to realize massive gains before its value skyrockets.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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