Meme Trader Turned $5k into $250k with BTM, PEPE, and Another Meme Yesterday

One anonymous trader, affectionately known as the “Meme Lord,” has managed to turn a modest $5,000 investment into a staggering $250,000 in just three months. This impressive feat has been achieved with an enviable win rate of 85%, as reported on Twitter.

The Meme Lord’s latest venture is a new meme coin, adding to his growing portfolio of successful trades.

New Meme Coin to Watch Aiming to be Next $BONK, $WIF or $MEW

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The BitMeme Bonanza

The Meme Lord’s most notable trade involved BitMeme ($BTM). He purchased 125,000 $BTM tokens at $0.14 each, only to sell them all a day later at a significantly higher price of $0.86.

This quick turnaround strategy is a common theme in his trading style, often selling tokens just days after purchasing them. This particular trade netted him a cool $91,000, a five-fold increase on his initial investment.

The PEPE Payday

Next in line of his successful trades was $PEPE. The Meme Lord demonstrated his knack for timing by entering the market early, purchasing $PEPE at $0.0005.

A week later, he sold all his tokens at an average price of $0.057. This trade resulted in an astounding profit of $75,400, a near hundred-fold increase on his initial investment.

The APOLLO Ascendancy

The Meme Lord’s winning streak continued with $APOLLO. He bought a whopping 61 million $APOLLO tokens at $0.000008 each.

Two days later, he sold all his tokens at an average price of $0.0001. This trade yielded a profit of $8,800, an eighteen-fold increase on his initial investment.

The HODR Haul

Most recently (yesterday), the Meme Lord made a swift profit of 55% on $HODR, further cementing his reputation as a savvy trader.

Despite his success, this wallet does not trade as frequently as other Meme Lords, suggesting a more selective and strategic approach to trading.

The Winning Streak

In summary, the Meme Lord’s wallet boasts an impressive 85% win rate, with a total gain of $250,000. His trading strategy, characterized by quick turnarounds and early market entries, has proven to be highly successful in the unpredictable world of meme coins.

As the Meme Lord continues to navigate the volatile crypto market, his success serves as a testament to the potential rewards (and risks) of meme coin trading.

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Rene Peters
Rene Peters

Rene Peters is editor-in-chief of CaptainAltcoin and is responsible for editorial planning and business development. After his training as an accountant, he studied diplomacy and economics and held various positions in one of the management consultancies and in couple of digital marketing agencies. He is particularly interested in the long-term implications of blockchain technology for politics, society and the economy.

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