Meme Coin Hunter Made $290k with MONKE and 2 more Memes: Here’s How

A certain savvy investor, or we can call them “Smart Meme Hunter” has managed to carve out a profitable niche for himself. With a very effective 70% win rate, this individual has accumulated a total profit of $290,000.

The Smart Meme Hunter’s strategy is simple yet effective: he buys meme coins at their inception and sells them near or at their all-time high (ATH). This approach has led to some impressive wins, as revealed by @OnchainDataNerd on Twitter.

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The Big Wins

Among the Smart Meme Hunter’s most notable victories are:

  • $MONKE: This meme coin yielded a whopping 912x return. The investor purchased 14.7 billion $MONKE coins using just $100 worth of Ethereum ($ETH). A day later, he sold his holdings in multiple transactions, leaving just five zeros behind. The result? A staggering profit of $59,900.
  • $KERMIT: This meme coin was another lucrative venture. The investor bought 8.9 million $KERMIT coins at $0.000008 each and sold them at $0.0023, right when the price hit its ATH. This trade resulted in a profit of $20,500, a 288x return on investment.
  • $LAMBO: This meme coin also proved to be a winner. The investor bought in early and sold two days before the ATH, earning a profit of $16,300, a 414x return.

Current Investments

The Smart Meme Hunter’s current portfolio is also intriguing. He is the eighth-largest holder of $RATTY, with 5.8 trillion coins and an unrealized profit of 3x. Other tokens he is accumulating include $TONY, $USDC, and $BUSD (meme).

The Takeaway

The Smart Meme Hunter’s success is a testament to the potential of meme coins. However, it’s essential to remember that this level of success requires a keen understanding of the market, impeccable timing, and a high tolerance for risk.

Aspiring meme coin hunters may want to add the Smart Meme Hunter’s wallet to their watchlist. After all, his track record speaks for itself: $290,000 in profit and a 70% win rate. But remember, in the world of cryptocurrency, past performance is not indicative of future results.

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