Meme Buyout? Avalanche to Scoop Up Native Meme Tokens As $GFOX Poised For Gigantic Breakout 

The Avalanche Foundation, the foundation behind one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy has recently announced its decision to buy up meme coin projects native to the avalanche blockchain. But this move could have big implications for the meme coin ecosystem as a whole, not just those built atop the avalanche blockchain, as other meme coins such as $GFOX are likely to benefit from the ripple effect across the crypto market. And it may also spark similar moves by other blockchains, including Solana and Ethereum.


$GFOX Is Set for A Rally

The recent decision by Avalanche also further highlights meme coins as viable investment options with long-term sustainability. The result is likely to be an increased interest in the genre, which is good news for $GFOX, as it prepares to list on exchanges. With the increased fervor surrounding the ecosystem, $GFOX will not only benefit from the retail listing but also from the Avalanche-induced hype surrounding meme coins as top investment choices for this bull cycle.

Previously, $GFOX was expected to skyrocket, growing by over 100X immediately following exchange listing. However, now that one of the top blockchains and best cryptocurrencies to buy has given its stamp of approval and financial backing to meme coins, $GFOX is likely to rally even harder, as investors capitalize on the excitement surrounding meme cryptocurrencies.

What’s more, since $GFOX is full of utility-rich features. Its journey will be marked by significant hype. As each feature rolls out, investors will have something new to look forward to from the $GFOX ecosystem. This will keep the coin relevant in the market while also adding to the benefits it provides to investors.

The most prominent feature of the $GFOX ecosystem is the play-to-earn game that allows avid gamers to enjoy thrilling game play while also earning some real cash on the side. Players compete to get to the top 20% of position on the leaderboard by the end of the gaming season so they can qualify for rewards.

To enhance their gameplay, players can leverage temporary attribute boosts and $GFOX NFTs. Both of these items are available for purchase from the $GFOX ecosystem.

$GFOX also has a staking platform that pays out staking rewards, a treasury that ensures proper use of every $GFOX token, physical merchandise and a token burn feature. All these unique features set $GFOX aside from other meme coins in the market and enhance its standing as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy.

$GFOX is now in stage 8 of presale with over 90% of the tokens for this stage sold. The coin is valued at $0.002178. After the next two presale stages are completed, it will launch at the price of $0.002904 – a significant price increase for those who buy now.

$GFOX will initially list on Uniswap as well as a few other major exchanges, a move that is guaranteed to propel its growth by over 100X. Additionally, the hype surrounding meme coins as a result of Alanche’s support for this corner of the market will play a role in $GFOX’s growth, leading to even higher prices for the coin.  

All this coupled with the hype that usually surrounds the rolling out of new features will ensure that $GFOX remains a trending coin for most of the year, a feat that will have a positive impact on its valuation and market cap.

Avalanche’s Criteria for Supporting a Meme Coin

Avalanche won’t offer support to just any meme coin. The platform recently announced strict rules that projects must meet in order to receive support. For starters, it must be native to the Avalanche blockchain and have ample growth potential. The meme coin must also be independent from its creators, meaning that any coin with tokens set aside for the team will be considered. The token must also have no clones on other blockchains, have a market cap of over $1 million and at least 2,000 holders, amongst other requirements.


Final Word

Avalanche’s change of direction towards the meme coin industry is likely to cause a ripple effect across the cryptocurrency market. Not only will it elevate meme coins as some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy, but it will also allow individual meme coins to get a bigger share of the market than they would have gotten without the support of a top blockchain and cryptocurrency platform.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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