Massive 14% of Bitcoin Alternative’s Total Token Supply Sold Out Pre-Launch

Bitcoin alternative, Mollars Token, continues surging during it’s presale phase. To date, it’s raised nearly $600,000 (USD),  with investors staking claims to just under 1.4-Million tokens. This is a presale growth of over 1,370,000 tokens since the 28th of December; Over 1.25-million tokens sold in January alone.  Impressively, the massive amount of tokens is also 14% of the total token supply of Mollars, ever to be minted — demand signals are ramping upwards to the moon.

The top single purchase by an investor to date was for over US16,000.  Several other crypto whales and sharks have also bought into Mollars token presale, but none have topped this 1st round investor to the initial coin offering.

Crypto Whales, Sharks, & Fish Buying Mollars

Nonetheless, several new big bag holders are being added to the list of $Mollars token buyers.   Other ‘big fish’ have bought upwards of $4000 (USD), nearly each week since December of 2023. And it’s possible that the biggest single transaction buyer’s record could be topped before the presale’s May 2024 deadline.

The total token supply of Mollars is scarce.  According to the project whitepaper, only 10-million tokens will be minted ever.      A store of value token, and Bitocin rival, the new cryptocurrency has a low supply to leverage itself well against inflation.    Possibly even more than BTC, as it has less than half the supply of the predecessor SOV coin.

The reason investors are interested in Mollars vs Bitcoin is simple — $Mollars Saves Dollars.  The newer store-of-value token will have many of the $BTC features but without some of Bitcoin’s biggest weaknesses.

Two Biggest Differences Between Bitcoin & Mollars

Two of the biggest differences between these two SOV cryptos are transaction fees and blockchain efficiencies.   Bitcoin is based on its own native Blockchain, that’s outdated and has become the highest ‘per transaction’ fee in the industry. Crypto traders can save 80% on transaction fees by using Mollars instead of $BTC.

Mollars will begin based on the Ethereum-blockchain. The importance of using this chain is its efficiency. It’s faster, more secure, and less costly (again) than Bitcoin-blockchain.    This means better performance in moments that count for entrepreneurs that take their time seriously.

Of course, there’s other positives as well in Mollars favor.  The Spot ETF for Ethereum that has a May 2024 deadline, is expected to be accepted or canceled at the same time $MOLLARS is released.   And also, for investors seeking profits, the new ‘Bitcoin killer’  seems more probable to yield healthy returns within this fiscal quarter. 

Token Presale Yields Are Better Than Established Coin ROI Yields

The token presale stage is where cryptocurrency investors make their biggest ROI gains.  Bitcoin’s ICO was in 2011, where it was priced at less than $0.01 per coin.  Those Investors have realized once-unimaginable profits of +20,000,000% on their presale coin buys.  Unfortunately for todays’ investors, those golden days are far gone for Bitcoin and now investors are looking for much simpler gains such as +100% or roundabout. 

Mollars on the other hand is in that early stage of ICO, where investors can buy tokens for $0.50 right now.  In its fourth of 6 presale rounds, once the ICO closes, the token will launch on public crypto exchanges for a higher price.    The CEX listing price is already published in the token whitepapers and will be $0.62.

Investors that join in on the new store-of-value token’s presale today will reap the rewards of +24% gains in less than 3 months.    As soon as 4-million tokens are sold or May 2024, the ICO closes and the token will be launched at a public price of $0.62.   

Those immediate gains could easily be eclipsed by further token value increases as millions of traders gain access to $MOLLARS on a public exchange.     CrypotNews show host, “Ari,” suggested the token could see a +24x increase in value, which is far higher than the initial CEX listing gains.   The reputed crypto trader has forecasted the price of Mollars to increase by up to +2400% and this was before the Mollars blockchain or decentralized crypto exchange was announced.

The factors alongside the current demand, which has sold nearly 1.4-million tokens months before the token presale’s end, are strong indicators that the Mollars token has a positive future in crypto trading.

When Will ICO End?

Based on current presale wallet data, daily token buys from investors indicate the total ICO token supply of 4-million Mollars could be exhausted long before its May 2024 deadline. If so, the initial coin offering will close early and list on its first CEX within 72 hours of the selling out.

An early sell out could also indicate the full total token supply of 10-million Mollars could also be exhausted.  If the full supply is bought out by investors, the value of the token could see a parabolic uptrend eclipsing the highest analyst predictions to date — +4400% yields.

As of now, Mollars presale has sold 34% of the ICO supply; 14% of the total token supply. The initial coin offering has raised $593,714 (USD) from tokens sold and looks to pass 1.4-million tokens sold before the weekend’s end.

Though investors are buying now, tokens will not be distributed until the ICO’s close which prevents crypto-exchange listing issues. At that point, the biggest holders of Mollars will be made clear as tokens will be issued to wallets for accumulative viewing.  Some investors are dollar cost averaging into the ICO, making presale investments on a regular schedule.

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