Martini Guy Predicts $85k Price Value for Bitcoin Before Halving, Van de Poppe Projects a $50 for Chainlink While KangaMoon Set to Rise by 800%

To stay ahead of the curve, it is important to evaluate the market trajectories as well as future price turns. As such, this article looks into notable analysis of top crypto tokens in the industry. 

Martini Guy, a renowned crypto analyst, is hopeful that the Bitcoin (BTC) price will reach the $85,000 mark before its halving in April. Similarly, Van de Poppe believes that Chainlink (LINK) will reach $50 in the coming weeks. Notably, KangaMoon’s continued bullish sentiment is likely to see the token rise by 800%. 

More Traders Join the KangaMoon (KANG) Project as Momentum Soars

Since the start of KangaMoon’s (KANG) presale, the project has become an instant hit in the crypto industry. Having gained over 180% so far in its presale, analysts are confident the token will see at least another 700% growth before the conclusion of the presale phase. Meanwhile, thousands of investors have already joined the project in view of riding into potential price gains.

KangaMoon represents one of the top meme coins that are making waves in the industry. While still at stage 4 of presale, now is arguably the best time to invest in the project for future profits. At the price of only $0.014, the KANG token is a cheap investment alternative with massive room for growth in the near future. Early investors will also benefit from the 10% presale bonus.

Meanwhile, the KangaMoon platform is now the go-to platform for meme enthusiasts. This is because, at KangaMoon, meme lovers will interact with like-minded individuals through the SocialFi structure. Also, the GameFi feature ensures members earn when they participate in the games and tournaments on the platform.

Overall, KangaMoon is a quintessential representation of an interactive meme platform as well as a top crypto project with massive growth potential, ahead of other top crypto tokens in the Industry.

Martini Guy Confident that Bitcoin (BTC) Will Reach $85,000

A Twitter crypto expert called Martini Guy just tweeted his prediction of Bitcoin’s (BTC) near-future price trajectory. According to the tweet, Martini Guy sees Bitcoin reaching the $85,000 price mark before the next halving in April.

If the projection is to come through, Bitcoin price will need to gain at least 21% before April 15th, which is the estimated time for the halving. Considering that Bitcoin has gained over 35% within the last month, an additional 21% price gain for Bitcoin in the next three weeks is very likely to happen. 

Chainlink (LINK) to Reach $50 According to Analyst Van de Poppe 

While Chainlink (LINK) is currently trying to establish support above the $20 threshold, a crypto analyst by the name of Van de Poppe is projecting a $50 price turn for Chainlink. As per his analysis, if Chainlink’s price can break through the $21 resistance level, reaching $50 won’t be difficult.

In support of his bullish outlook on the token, Chainlink’s trading volume has been on a growth of 70% on a day-to-day average. Also, Chainlink’s price trajectory is looking upward, and will hope to see a significant uptrend in the coming weeks.

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