Maincard Launches on Mainnet, Offering NFT-Powered Sports Predictions and Crypto Rewards

Maincard has launched its main net ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The Polygon-based, NFT-powered sports prediction game offers various novel gameplay dynamics, allowing users to earn cryptocurrency for correctly predicting the results of sporting fixtures. To play the game, users must hold a Maincard NFT. The project has run various testnets since mid-September, with over 14,000 users from 125 countries testing the game.

Maincard is a fantasy sports platform on the Polygon network that allows users to predict the outcome of sporting fixtures against each other and earn rewards in cryptocurrency or NFTs for correct predictions. Early supporters of the project have received Maincard NFTs, which are required to play the game, according to the help they contributed during the development process.

After launch, early adopters will receive Maincard NFTs in their wallets depending on their contribution to the project.

These NFTs can be sold on the marketplace or used in the game’s “Battle” mode. In this mode, players pick a sports event and place their NFT in favor of one of the teams. If their prediction is correct, they will earn MainCoins. These can be exchanged for cash when MainCoins are listed on exchanges in Q1 2023.

Each week, the top three players with the most MainCoins will receive cash prizes. The game also has a “Calls” mode where players can compete against each other, risking their Maincard NFTs. Players can also merge Maincards to create more powerful NFTs and access new features.

Maincard offers two game modes: Battle and Calls. In Battle mode, players use their Maincard NFT to predict the outcome of sports matches and earn MainCoins for correct predictions.

The number of MainCoins received depends on the rarity of the Maincard NFT used. Crypto prizes are also awarded to the top three players with the most MainCoins each week. Making incorrect predictions costs Maincard NFTs a life, which can reduce the number of MainCoins earned for correct calls, but users can restore lives by repairing their NFTs.

In Calls mode, players compete against each other, with the loser forfeiting their Maincard NFT to the winner. The option to merge Maincards to create more powerful NFTs adds to the game’s variety. Players can also buy more powerful Maincards on the app’s in-built marketplace. Maincard currently supports a limited number of sports, including soccer, basketball and League of Legends, with plans to add more sports each week.

You can learn more about Maincard by visiting the links below:

Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Reddit

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