Magic Square Gives Away Free Goodies and Up To $250,000 In A Bounty Campaign for Signing Up for The Beta Launch Waitlist

Magic Square is pleased to announce users can now sign up for the waiting list for its upcoming beta launch. To celebrate the milestone, the team issued a bounty campaign with up to $250,000 in rewards for participants. In addition, the campaign will grant all participants a free one-year Premium Magic Square membership and $SQR tokens to spend in the native store.

Magic Square pulls out all the stops to commemorate its Beta launch waitlist campaign. Becoming the world’s first community-driven multi-chain crypto app store is a significant milestone for the team and the broader cryptocurrency community. A platform like Magic Square has never been attempted before and can introduce millions of people to the world of dApps.

The Beta launch waitlist campaign for Magic Square comes with a significant prize pool and free goodies for everyone who participates. All participants receive free $SQR tokens to spend in the store on dApps and customizing their workspace. Additionally, everyone gets a free one-year Premium Magic Square membership. Passing up on free goodies would be wasteful, so make sure to check out the Beta launch waitlist campaign!

The other benefits of signing up for the Magic Square beta launch waiting list include:

  • Participation in the bounty campaign worth up to $250,000
  • Winning up to $1,000 in NFTs through the Magic Square NFT-drop campaign
  • Higher staking rewards for all beta participants

Spots for the Magic Square beta launch waiting list are very limited, so act fast!

Users who stake $SQR can either become validators or delegate their stake to validators. Both options will earn user rewards. Applying for a validator position requires staking 50,000 $SQR and passing a qualification test to determine reliability. A validator will receive rewards for the validation process, including vetting every application submitted to the Magic Store.

Magic Square is a platform that appeals to all types of crypto enthusiasts dApp users, developers, investors, and traders. Accessing a one-stop shop for dApps across any blockchain and earning $SQR rewards for checking out applications creates a very compelling reason to dive deeper into the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

The Magic Square ecosystem facilitates the rapid development and deployment of dApps to a growing community of developers. The Magic SDK also lets developers implement valuable services into their dApps. In addition, it is compatible with most common programming languages, removing the need to learn a new language from scratch.

Anyone can personalize their user experience through the Magic Spaces feature while interfacing with the Magic Store. Moreover, it removes the need to switch between a website and dApp, as you can access everything through the same trusted and streamlined user interface. Another reason to sign up for the Magic Square beta launch waiting list and claim your free rewards!

Join the Magic Square beta waiting list today as spots are limited and follow the team’s social accounts across Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Facebook for the latest news and developments!

About Magic Square

Magic Square is the first app store in the crypto space bringing a new level of usability and trust to the industry by integrating community-vetted crypto apps, NFTs, DeFi solutions into Magic Store apps, and GameFi.

By connecting Creators that will develop top-notch crypto apps and widgets using Magic Framework and a Community that will curate the crypto apps that will be listed on Magic Store, Magic Square will allow easier and faster global adoption of blockchain technology. The official beta version is coming soon and users can sign up for the waiting list today.

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