Loom Network, BorroeFinance, or NEO: Deciphering the Optimal Pick for Stellar Profits

According to market data, $LOOM tanked immensely following an unprecedented meteoric rally that saw Loom Network exceed record levels. 

Meanwhile, BorroeFinance ($ROE) continues to maintain its course towards a 300% milestone. At the same time, $NEO welcomes a new development to NeoChat. From these top crypto coins, investors are seeking the best cryptocurrency to invest in for primal gains.

But which of these assets is the best crypto to buy for stellar gains? Let’s find out!


Loom Network Dips More Than 39% Amid Exploit Assumption

Following an extended period of latency, Loom Network ($LOOM) staged an astronomic 280.59% upside rally. Notably, $LOOM ascended from $0.043 on September 18 to $0.343 on October 14. This Loom Network ($LOOM) surge came amid a drawdown period for the crypto market.

Meanwhile, as the market began to engineer a mild comeback, the Loom Network bears started selling off, causing a drastic decline in the price of $LOOM. Between October 15 and October 18, Loom Network ($LOOM) lost 59.58% of its market value. This loss saw Loom Network ($LOOM) fall from $0.340 to $0.137.

Commenting on the situation surrounding Loom Network, 0x_Lens, a crypto analyst, opined that the uptick and rundown of $LOOM was a result of price manipulation by exchanges. 

To back up his claim, he provided an overview of the Loom Network ($LOOM) on the X platform. The data showed that a wallet holding 50% of the Loom Network ($LOOM) total supply sold a large chunk of its holding.

As a result, analysts believe $LOOM will decline further in the coming term, with the asset expected to breach the $0.100 threshold. This forecast indicates a potential 27% dip, effectively striking $LOOM from the list of best cryptos to buy today.

BorroeFinance ($ROE) Gears Up For A 167% Upsurge

With Loom Network ($LOOM) in a downward spiral, BorroeFinance ($ROE) has appeared on the scene to save the day. $ROE is opening a window for investors who lost funds to $LOOM’s downfall to recover four times their capital. This possibility makes BorroeFinance ($ROE) the best cryptocurrency to invest in today.

BorroeFinance is a new DeFi project making waves in the crypto sector as a Polygon-based innovation seeking to reward users for their participation in the Web3 world. 

Specifically, BorroeFinance, with the help of its native token, $ROE, aims to create an opportunity for Web3 content creators to earn. BorroeFinance’s mission is centered around converting royalties, subscriptions, and invoices owned by content creators into cash.

BorroeFinance incorporated a risk assessment program empowered by AI technology to ensure that users are safe when they interact with the platform. Moreover, BlockAudit evaluated BorroeFinance ($ROE) and proclaimed it 100% secure. 

Hence, users have nothing to be worried about while using BorroeFinance or $ROE.

Currently, $ROE is in the second stage of its presale, trading at $0.015. At this price level, $ROE is primed to initiate a 167% surge to $0.040 at the end of the presale. This projection has placed BorroeFinance ($ROE) among the top DeFi projects to invest in for substantial gains.


NEO Transitions To ChatGPT 4.0 And Incorporates NeoNS Reverse Resolution Feature

On October 17, Neo announced via its official webpage that it has launched a new feature on NeoChat. NeoChat is a messaging application built with an end-to-end encryption tool on the Neo network to foster social interaction within Web3. This new feature introduced ChatGPT 4 solutions to NeoChat.

On top of the integration of ChatGPT, the NEO team also updates NeoNS with a reverse resolution feature. Through the reverse resolution feature, users will see a NeoNS name on the public wallet address instead of the usual collection of alphanumeric characters. This feature is meant to make interactions between users feel more personalized.

As noted on the chart, $NEO had an opposite response to this development. Notably, $NEO fell from $7.06 to $6.90, marking a 2.27% decrease in the price of $NEO. Also, the past few weeks have been less encouraging on $NEO.

This negative outlook on $NEO can be attributed to the downturn circumstance plaguing the general market. As of now, $NEO is heading lower at a market price of $6.81, with analysts forecasting the asset to reach $6.50. This prospective 4.5% descent is proof that $NEO isn’t a good crypto to invest in today.

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