Litecoin (LTC) Accumulation Phase Deviates From Past Cycles, Signaling Potential Bull Run

Litecoin (LTC) has been in the spotlight recently, not for its immediate price action, but for its intriguing market cycles. An analysis from Tradingview takes a deep dive into its historical performance and reveals patterns that could hint at what’s next for this cryptocurrency.

Litecoin Accumulation Phase Deviates From Past Cycles, Signaling Potential Bull Run

Extended Accumulation Phase: A New Twist in the Cycle

Traditionally, Litecoin has transitioned directly from a bearish cycle into a mini cycle. However, this time around, the script has flipped. Instead of plunging into a mini cycle, Litecoin has entered an extended accumulation phase. This shift suggests that a mini cycle is likely on the horizon, to be followed by a parabolic bullish cycle.

The Uncertainty of the Current Phase

While the accumulation phase is a strong indicator of future trends, the charts have yet to confirm a definitive move into an upward cycle. Investors should expect to see a few more candles of range trading or accumulation before any significant upward movement.

The Volatility of the Mini Cycle

It’s crucial to understand that the mini cycle is not a one-way ticket to gains. During this phase, the price can both increase and decrease substantially. More often than not, the price reverts close to its starting point shortly after peaking. Additionally, the mini cycle tends to last longer than the subsequent parabolic bullish phase.

Key Indicators to Watch

  1. Bullish Cross on LTC Market Cap: One reliable sign that the parabolic increase phase is imminent is the appearance of a Bullish Cross on Litecoin’s market cap chart.
  2. LTCBTC Trendline: Another metric to keep an eye on is the LTCBTC pair. When it starts trading closer to, or even above, the white trendline, it’s a strong indicator that the bull run is about to kick off. Conversely, if the LTCBTC candles fall below this trendline, consider the phase to have ended.


Litecoin’s market cycles have shown a new twist, with an extended accumulation phase taking the lead this time. While this phase is still in progress, it sets the stage for a mini cycle and eventually a parabolic bullish cycle. Investors should keep an eye on key indicators like the Bullish Cross on the LTC Market Cap and the LTCBTC trendline to time their moves wisely.

By understanding these cycles and indicators, traders and investors can better navigate the volatile waters of the Litecoin market.

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