Kaspa Deemed for Top 2 Cryptocurrency as KAS Price Remains Heavily Undervalued – Analysts

Some cryptocurrency analysts have recently touted the long-term potential of Kaspa (KAS), arguing that it could eventually become a top-tier blockchain network. Two vocal proponents explaining Kaspa’s upside potential are Marcus (@KASPAgraphy) and Simo (@simogattok).

Hardware Advances

Marcus points to the upcoming Bitmain Antminer KS5 Pro miner as a potential catalyst that could establish Kaspa as “the absolute PoW market leader.” He believes dedicated Kaspa mining hardware will make Bitcoin mining “completely unprofitable” by comparison.

Obsoleting Blockchains

Furthermore, Marcus argues that fiat currencies are doomed and “PoW secured money will be the standard.” He sees Kaspa’s parallelized block mining architecture absorbing Bitcoin’s miners while also making traditional blockchains obsolete.

In this way, the cutting-edge engineering of the Bitmain Antminer KS5 Pro could prove to be a catalyst that cements Kaspa as a dominant proof-of-work blockchain network. The efficiency leap in KAS mining hardware unlocks growth potential for the Kaspa ecosystem.

Marcus succinctly predicts these mining advances will directly lead to Kaspa becoming a top-ranked cryptoasset, stating “#Kaspa in the top 2 is programmed and only a matter of time.” He sees the dedicated KS5 Pro miner initiating Kaspa’s rise to surpass nearly all other cryptocurrency networks and achieve a multi-billion dollar market capitalization matching the highest-valued blockchain projects besides Bitcoin itself.

So in Marcus’s view, the transformative mining power boost of this next-generation Kaspa mining hardware makes reaching the upper echelon of crypto valuation simply an eventuality for the rapidly developing Kaspa network. The KS5 Pro sets the stage for an ascent to a top 2 position.

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Valuation Model

Simo also comments on Kaspa, providing a valuation model to demonstrate why it could be worth $34 billion eventually. By comparing the total value of current Bitcoin miners to potential Kaspa miners, he shows Kaspa’s current market cap is heavily discounted relative to Bitcoin’s.

Despite very optimistic takes from Marcus and Simo, Kaspa remains a largely unknown cryptocurrency in the broader digital asset industry at the moment. Whether their lofty predictions materialize remains to be seen, but they present intriguing cases for Kaspa’s disruptive potential.

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