KASPA Bull Run Facing Exhaustion? This Analyst Thinks So

While numerous analysts project optimism and present bullish forecasts for Kaspa ($KAS), a contrasting perspective emerges, depicting a potentially dire future. Pointman (@10_FORTYONE), a crypto analyst, has revealed insights that suggest a potential bearish deviation for $KAS. This viewpoint starkly contrasts with the prevailing market sentiment, providing an alternative framework to scrutinize Kaspa’s future trajectory.

Unraveling the Bullish Tapestry

Pointman’s analysis delves into the recent market trends, revealing that the ascent to a higher local high may have inadvertently set the stage for a more bearish high-time-frame (HTF) scenario. The oscillators, crucial in predicting market movements, are showing signs of exhaustion on the daily, 3-day, and weekly charts for $KAS. This exhaustion is often a precursor to market corrections, signaling potential downturns for the asset.

The Mirage of Market Stability

Drawing parallels with the historical trajectory of Bitcoin ($BTC), Pointman recalls the skepticism surrounding the possibility of significant corrections when Bitcoin was valued at $69k. The majority of market participants deemed a drop to $30k, let alone $15k, highly unlikely. However, the market witnessed a 78% correction from its all-time high (ATH), defying widespread expectations.

In a similar vein, $KAS is exhibiting analogous macro formations, with many holders dismissing the likelihood of a decline to .01 or lower. Pointman emphasizes that such unwavering confidence in market stability often precedes unforeseen market corrections, underscoring the volatile and unpredictable nature of cryptocurrencies.

A Cautionary Tale

Pointman’s bearish outlook serves as a cautionary tale amidst the prevailing optimism, suggesting that a reality check may be imminent for many investors. The potential for bearish reversals looms, threatening to overshadow the current bullish sentiments and catch unsuspecting investors in a financial quagmire.

Navigating the Uncertain Waters

While the future of the market is shrouded in uncertainty, the bearish scenario outlined by Pointman accentuates the need for prudence and informed decision-making in the realm of cryptocurrency investments. The looming possibility of market corrections necessitates a nuanced understanding of market dynamics and a strategic approach to investment, particularly in times of widespread optimism.


The contrasting bearish scenario for $KAS amidst a sea of bullish predictions serves as a reminder of the inherent unpredictability of the cryptocurrency market. Investors are urged to approach the market with caution, conduct meticulous research, and remain prepared for a spectrum of outcomes to adeptly navigate the ever-evolving and tumultuous landscape of cryptocurrency investments.

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Rudolph Waltz
Rudolph Waltz

Journalist. 2 years working in a local newspaper in Karlsruhe, Germany. Now Rudolph is engaged in writing analytical articles for the cryptocurrency market. He creates an analysis of ICO-projects, conducts research, and does surveys on the crypto-market.