Kaspa Achieves Visa-Like Transaction Speeds While Maintaining Decentralization, Analyst Shares How KAS Does It

In a major development, the proof-of-work cryptocurrency Kaspa (KAS) has successfully tested 10 block-per-second transaction speeds on its testnet, according to a tweet by notable crypto analyst Cryptographur.

This speed puts Kaspa on par with Visa’s transaction capacity. However, unlike Visa, Kaspa remains a fully decentralized, permissionless cryptocurrency with no centralized control.

Kaspa achieves this speed while maintaining Bitcoin-like security guarantees through its innovative proof-of-work algorithm. This sets it apart from many other fast but more centralized cryptocurrencies.

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As Cryptographur notes, Kaspa’s decentralized and trustless nature provides important benefits over centralized payment networks:

  • No single entity controls transactions or can alter the protocol rules.
  • Users need not trust any intermediary to validate transactions.
  • Resistant to censorship and manipulation

At the same time, Kaspa provides the transaction speeds necessary for global payments and remittances.

Upcoming goals for the Kaspa developers include implementing smart contracts and introducing MEV (miner extractable value) resistance. This will pave the way for additional functionality, like stablecoins.

Overall, Kaspa represents an exciting development: a decentralized cryptocurrency with the scalability required for real-world adoption. With testnet results exceeding expectations, hopes are high for the mainnet launch of 10 block-per-second speeds. This could position Kaspa as one of the leading contenders to power Web3 payments and financial applications.

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