Is This Project Ready to Skyrocket After Launching On Tier-1 Exchanges Next Week? Presale Closes Wednesday; Final Opportunity to Buy

With the market showing a brief period of optimism, traders are starting to turn their attention to potential moonshots again.

As a result, a handful of presale projects are starting to gain overwhelming traction as their fundraising continues to reach epic milestones.

In particular, traders are looking for the next presale project close to launch and ready to land on the moon.

One project that continues to turn heads is Wall Street Memes ($WSM), which has already raised well over $25 million in its presale.

The FOMO continues to build for this project as its presale window closes in three days, leading to a flurry of late investment from whales and retail traders.

Here’s everything you need to know about 2023’s most highly anticipated token launching on tier-1 exchanges next week.

Wall Street Memes Has Just Three Days Remaining For 2023’s Most Anticipated Launch

The presale for Wall Street Memes ($WSM) has been nothing short of spectacular, as it has raised well over $25 million during its fundraising so far.

The overwhelming hype behind this project has turned it into one of the most sought-after meme coins this year.

Investors are curious to see its long-term prospects due to its meme-based humor, colossal community size, and attention received from billionaires like Elon Musk.

Analysts across the industry describe the project as the “king of memes” for the next meme coin season, capable of delivering similar returns to meme coin sensations like Pepe Coin.

The project aims to make a mockery out of the greedy capitalists on Wall Street through a series of meme-based humor on social media.

The memes released so far are viral, generating over 40 million monthly impressions on the Twitter/X platform.

They’ve even managed to attract the attention of the Twitter CEO, Elon Musk, who’s been seen commenting on the memes several times;

Musk’s attention caused speculation, leading to FOMO from whales who scrambled to get invested as quickly as possible.

One whale even purchased 420 ETH worth of $WSM in the space of 10 minutes, demonstrating his intense confidence in the project;

Why Are Traders Rushing to Get Positioned In This Project?

So, why are traders rushing to get positioned in Wall Street Memes?

Well, there are a handful of reasons highlighted by investors.

One of the primary reasons is that the project has already managed to amass a colossal cult-like community, with over 1.1 million followers across its social media channels.

The strength of meme coin projects typically lies in the robust community behind them, making Wall Street Memes one of the top contenders in the space.

Investors believe that the following puts $WSM in a guaranteed position to get listed on a tier-1 exchange after the presale ends, with many speculating that Binance or OKX are the first two options.

They reason that the huge community will generate enormous trading volumes for exchanges, who would rush to list the token to be the first to facilitate the trading.

Furthermore, investors are also getting positioned to take advantage of the healthy staking rewards that $WSM offers.

Currently, over 300 million $WSM has been staked by presale buyers, providing them with a 50% APY return.

In addition, the tokenomics structure behind the project makes it an ideal investment for investors as it is entirely community-driven.

The team hasn’t allocated any tokens for themselves in the presale, demonstrating their long-term confidence and commitment to the project.

Instead, the entire 2 billion $WSM supply is allocated to the community, with 50% being sold in the presale and the other 50% reserved for community rewards and CEX/DEX liquidity.

This type of tokenomic structure ensures that investors won’t have to worry about the team making large sales as the token launches.

With the entire eyes of the crypto world looking at $WSM, it’s unsurprising to learn that top-tier influencers are also backing the project.

For example, Joe Parys, a YouTuber with over 380,000 subscribers, believes that $WSM is primed for exponential price growth once it’s listed on major exchanges;

In addition, Michael Wrubel, who has 310,000 subscribers, is also highly optimistic about the future potential for $WSM;

Finally, CryptoWendy0 believes that $WSM will be at the forefront of the next bull run;

As you can see, investors are extremely excited about the coming launch for $WSM.

The project has created the perfect fusion of internet culture, meme-based humor, and decentralized finance to set the stage for an explosive launch next week.

With just three days to go, this is your final opportunity to get positioned or face the pain of paying higher prices once the token launches on tier-1 exchanges.

What Other Projects Are Gaining Momentum?

It’s not just Wall Street Memes making waves in the industry.

Another newly launched project is generating unbelievable hype as it raised over $4.2 million in just two weeks.

Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC) is quickly gaining attention as investors believe its staking concept can cause a supply shock on the market.

Bitcoin BSC Sold 70% Of Its Token In Just Two Weeks – Over $4.2 Million Raised.

Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC) has sold over 70% of its presale allocation in just two weeks, raising $4.2 million in the process.

The hype is quickly snowballing for this upgraded version of Bitcoin as it quickly approaches its $6 million hard cap target.

Bitcoin BSC is following the footsteps of a string of Bitcoin derivatives like BTC 2.0 and BTC20 that performed remarkably well in the bear period.

The project allows users to buy into a new version of Bitcoin for $0.99, and it introduces a unique staking concept that investors believe will alleviate the selling pressure on launch and create long-term utility for the token.

Bitcoin BSC introduces a staking contract that releases $BTCBSC in line with the original Bitcoin block rewards schedule.

Those staking $BTCBSC earn a share of the rewards through the PoS mechanism.

The tokenomics behind the project mimics the 21 million supply of Bitcoin.

The presale is selling 6.125 million $BTCBSC at $0.99, paying homage to the early days of Bitcoin when it was priced at $1 in April 2011.

Following the presale, 14.455 million $BTCBSC will be instantly locked in the secure and immutable staking contract to provide rewards for stakers.

That’s 69% of the total supply being locked away – unable to be purchased by newcomers on the open market.

In addition, over half of those buying $BTCBSC in the presale have already staked their tokens, adding to the number of $BTCBSC locked away.

Staking is currently providing a 120% APY for presale buyers;

As you can see, most of the $BTCBSC tokens will be locked in the staking contract, meaning newcomers following the presale will be forced to pay higher prices.

This is one of the reasons that $BTCBSC is flying off the shelves in the presale, as investors believe the token will skyrocket once the presale ends.

With over 70% of the tokens already sold, there are just a few days to get invested in $BTCBSC before the presale allocation is entirely sold out.

Therefore, prospective investors are encouraged to get positioned as early as possible to take advantage of the imminent 10x returns.

Buy $BTCBSC Today.

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