Is $PEPE Dead? Meet the New Memecoin Stealing PEPE’s Thunder

$PEPE had an excellent run in the previous year, as one of the top cryptos to buy. But the new year hasn’t started great for $PEPE, raising concerns about its 2024’s prospects. Crypto enthusiasts are considering Galaxy Fox as a better alternative, with the new altcoin coin gunning to outperform most tokens in the meme ecosystem. We look at their market outlook for the year, and what to expect from both meme coins. 

Galaxy Fox: Bringing Fun, Rewards, and Earning Opportunities to Web3 Space 

Galaxy Fox isn’t a project to steal others’ shine, rather it hopes to create its spotlight. The fast-growing meme coin will create a storm of profit-making in the meme sector if all goes to plan with its development. $GFOX will grow to be a force to reckon with, with its features that  makes it capable of rivaling other meme coins in the space. The utility token won’t be a mere internet joke coin alone. $GFOX will have GameFi utility powering in-game economy and serving as reward in the Galaxy Fox ecosystem. 

It will also function as an essential currency on other web3 platforms that adopt it. The deflationary token has an excellent outlook. Its functionality across web3 space, GameFi utility, and meme appeal makes it a top crypto to buy ahead of the next bull market. $GFOX looked primed to be the next altcoin to blow, and will contribute immensely to the mene ecosystem’s growth. You can earn the $GFOX token by participating in the Galaxy Fox ecosystem’s P2E runner game. The game is designed to improve togetherness, have fun, and provide income-earning opportunities. 

Top performers in the game will top the competition leaderboard and the top 20% are eligible for $GFOX as reward. There are in-game resources which you can utilize to improve your chances of top the leaderboard. They include boosters, NFTs, accessories, and more. Players can use them in Galaxy’s marketplace, using the $GFOX token. Galaxy Fox functions on the Ethereum network, making the native currency an ERC-20 coin. Like other ERC-20 tokens, analysts believe $GFOX will thrive in the market too. 

You can make the most of this $GFOX’s projected profitability by joining its presale. It’s the perfect opportunity to own high $GFOX volume at a ridiculous price. With the low-price expected to skyrocket soon,  purchasing the presale token now is definitely a steal. 

Is $PEPE Dead: Frog-themed Meme Coin Future Outlook 

$PEPE is not dead. However, the meme coin’s buzz has greatly diminished just like its dwindling market price. $PEPE is over 29% down in the last thirty days,  making it another crypto asset with double digit loss within this period. The future looks gloomy for the meme coin and the momentum is very bearish. The bear is biting down on $PEPE with great force, and it’s unlikely to break free anytime soon. 

Like $GFOX, $PEPE is also a deflationary meme token launched on Ethereum. However, the meme coin is merely an internet joke coin with no actual utility. $PEPE is much similar to the traditional meme coins — $DOGE and $SHIB. It hopes to build on their popularity to create a name for itself. While that worked in the last quarter of 2023, the start of this year has shown that $PEPE will need to adopt a new strategy to thrive. Developers’ commitment could improve the meme coin’s potential as the year progresses. 

$PEPE was among the meme coins with good yield last year. While it’s not looking like a top crypto to buy currently, it may find its momentum again once the market recovers. However, ensuring the token has a utility of some sort and constant innovation, are efficient ways $PEPE  developers can contribute to its growth. While its outlook isn’t promising at the moment, this may change going into Q2. Hence, high-risk takers can consider the meme coin after due diligence. 


The hype surrounding the buzzing $PEPE coin has reduced drastically due to a number of reasons. However the current struggle isn’t enough to write it off. Experts believe $PEPE still has much potential. Unlike $PEPE, $GFOX’s potential isn’t in doubt. The meme coin is bursting at its presale, despite the market’s downturn. $GFOX has great potential to boost your portfolio, making the presale a top-priority investment.

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Rene Peters
Rene Peters

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